Effective sales page | How to create one that converts?

Written by Celine Klooster

april 21, 2019

You have been working on your product for months and of course, you want people to buy it. It is important that you create an effective sales page so that you can persuade people to buy your product. Anyway, creating an effective sales page .. How do you do that? You can read that in this blog!

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An effective sales page to attract customers

First, it is important to actually attract customers to your page. That’s why I came up with some ‘rules’ that you can keep in mind so that people actually buy your product.

First of all, it is important that buying the product is fast and easy. It is so annoying when your customers find it hard to buy your product. That’s why it is very important that your sales page of your blog looks good.

Besides that, it is important that your sales page loads fast. Imagine, you click on a page and it takes 30 seconds to load. Well, I don’t have the patience for that, let alone buying something from that page.

It is also important that your customers can trust you. That’s why I use a 30 days money back guarantee. When I use this money back option, people will have faith in me that when the product is not good, that they will get the money back. Of course, you just need to make sure that your product is good because you don’t want people to ask for their money back

As of last it is important to have a beautiful layout. But how do you create a beautiful layout? I will tell you that in this blog post!

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Creating a high converting sales page is important to do if you want to earn lots of money. This design template and these examples are the best inspiration for all the freelancers around here. Wondering how to create a sales page for your website, course, product, outline, coaching session and more. Check out this blog post to receive more tips to make more money with social media and make sales.


The headline of your effective sales page

It is important that the headline of your page attracts customers. Your customers must really want to continue reading and it is also important that your headline actually tells what your page is about. For example, don’t write down a meaningless headline. In addition, it is important that the headline of your page is understandable.


Answer the questions of your customers

Effective sales page


It is important that you can answer your customers’ questions immediately. I do this in two ways. First, I brainstormed what questions my customers might have. I have put these questions together in a FAQ.

Secondly, I placed a contact form at the bottom of my page. If the questions my customers have aren’t in the FAQ, they can always send me a message via the contact form at the bottom of the page. In addition, I also put the questions I receive via email back into the FAQ. This way I don’t have to answer the same question multiple times.

Call to action! Show what your customers will get

Effective sales page


It is also important that your customers know what they get when they buy your product. I do this in two different ways. First, I have made a list of what my customers get when they buy the product. You can see this on the photo above.

Secondly, I made a number of screenshots of the themes that my customers can choose from because I want my customers to know what to expect. Also, make sure that they get what you put on this page.

Persuading paragraphs for your effective sales page


Effective sales page

It is also important that your paragraphs or headings are convincing. Firstly, I address the customer through a question. Below I briefly explain what my product is about. In addition, I put a button below it to buy the product directly. Underneath that button, I say again what the product is about.

Give proof

Giving proof is also very important. Once you have customers you can show proof that your product works through reviews. In addition, you can also add screenshots of, for example, websites that you have created or the product itself.

A discount code on your effective sales page!

Effective sales page


Everyone loves a discount code and I am very happy to use it. For example, I ensure that in the initial period of my product, the price is lower than it actually would be. For example, my product has a value of more than 200 euros and would normally cost 100 euros. Still, I give a discount of 20 euros, so the price comes to 80 euros. I clearly state this on my page.

Have you already created an effective sales page?


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