Do follow links among bloggers | How and what?

Written by Celine Klooster

november 20, 2016

A couple of days ago I got an e-mail from a bloggers platform. I am not going to call the name, but because of this blogger platform, I started to think about a thing called do-follow links. I got an e-mail for a really nice job and I was so excited to write for this company. I also got paid for this, but there was only one condition: do-follow links. A blogger platform who tells bloggers to use do follow links. That’s a bit weird. Do you want to know my honest opinion about do-follow links and the actual rules?

Do follow

Do-Follow links. I’ve used it a couple of times, but without me knowing that this was against the rules. I found out about this a couple of weeks ago and that brought me on ideas. There were a lot of nice jobs, where you don’t want to say no against, but you have to. The condition was a do-follow link and that’s is obviously against the rules. I will be really honest because I just need to. When I received this job and I read about the condition of a do-follow link, then I thought ‘Ah I can do it just once’. The other part of my brains thought I just couldn’t do it and that actually every blogger has to say no against it. Companies aren’t allowed to give the condition to put a do-follow link in the article and that’s just against the rules.

Do follow

What does No-follow and Do follow mean?

When you make a link for your blog or for a company, then you can choose between no-follow and a follow link. A normal link, a do follow link looks like this:

<a href= “”>The Beautyboulevard</a>

A No-Follow link looks like this:

<a href=””rel=nofollow”>The Beautyboulevard</a>

You can see the difference between these two links very clean, but what is actually the difference?

When a blog doesn’t use a no-follow link, then google for example thinks that he needs to put this link in the pagerank. When a blog does use a no-follow link, then Google thinks that he doesn’t need to use this link for the PageRank. A PageRank is just how high you are in the search results.

When do you need to use a no-follow link?

You have to use a no-follow link when you get paid for an article. Think about advertorials, but also reviews. Also when you have an advert in your sidebar for a company, then this advert needs to be no-follow as well. You can also use a no-follow link when the link isn’t much worth for you.

A plugin for no-follow links

With the plugin ultimate nofollow you can tick a box, so your link turns into a no-follow link. Easy right? A special plugin for lazy people among us. When you don’t want or can’t use this plugin, then you need to add ref=nofollow to a link. I did this in the example earlier in the article.

Did you already know about the no-follow thing?


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