Earning Money as blogger | This is how you do that!

Written by Celine Klooster

mei 26, 2019

Earning money as a professional blogger is what everyone dreams of. However, it is very difficult to get this done and of course, you first have to find out which ways are good to earn money with blogging. Today there are a number of bloggers speaking who already earn money with blogging. Do you also want to earn money as a professional blogger? Then read this blog!

Mirjam Hart | Een goed verhaal

Earning money as blogger with sponsored blog posts

My name is Mirjam Hart and I write on my blog Een Goed Verhaal (a Dutch blog) about sustainable living. Since a few years, I have been registered at the Chamber of Commerce and so ‘Een goed verhaal‘ is really my company. At first, I also wrote for other companies, but now I just want to focus on my blog.

I cannot complain about my income.

I earn more with blogging than when I was still working in a store or when I was working for a text agency. I thought it was a big step to get started as a self-employed person, but in retrospect, it was the best decision ever.

Most of my income comes from sponsored blog posts on my blog. Companies ask if I want to write something about their products or initiative and pay for it. I also earn via Instagram (@mirjam_hart) by mentioning companies in my feed and/or on stories. I also work with affiliate links in my blog texts, but I only earn a few tens a month with that. So that is something I have to get started with!

As a tip I would like to give: Do you often work with barter deals? Then try asking for compensation! If your blog or social media isn’t that big yet, you could start with € 50. Ask a little more with each success and don’t be discouraged by a rejection. Unfortunately, there are many companies that want to be in the first rank for a dime, but luckily there are also many that will pay a good price.

Styled by sabine

Don’t use Google Ads

My biggest source of income as a blogger are campaigns that I set up with companies. I often arrange this type of collaboration directly with a company, but I also have PR agencies that provide me with collaborations. In general, it’s a blog post in combination with one or more posts on Instagram. Because I also work as a photographer, it often happens that companies want to use the photos I made for a blog post themselves, in which case they pay me an extra amount for the photos. Affiliate marketing is only a small part of my income as a blogger, although I notice that the earnings from this are slowly increasing, I now earn about 100 euros a month from this.

Mary-Lou Godfried | mamaLou blogt 

Digital products

When I just started blogging, I had no idea you could make money with it. I mainly saw it as a cool hobby. It then got out of hand and I now dream of a career as a full-time blogger. I use affiliate marketing, but that doesn’t really work. I now mainly earn my income by placing advertorials. This is just a business model that I will come back to a bit. Thanks to Profbloggers, I now believe that developing your own product is not only reserved for American bloggers. With a mix of a better affiliate marketing strategy, advertorials and my own (digital) products, I hope that full-time blogging is not just a dream.

Eveline Meijvogel | www.zensitivity.nl

I blog, because I like it.

I love to write to share my thoughts and knowledge on my website. I’ve been doing it for 8 years now. In the beginning, you occasionally saw a fellow blogger appear somewhere. And to earning money with it as a blogger, was a far from your bed show. In recent years it has become a hype. Famous people who indirectly promote products and others took over this hype. When I just started blogging, I could earn money through an advertisement on my website. Now the advertisers are being served as they please. They started to make demands: ranking in google, followers on social media, DA, PA, etc must be as high as possible before they allow you. All of a sudden half of the Netherlands became a blogger, vlogger, influencer or whatever. I was already happy if I could pay my web hosting costs. Tip: if you want to start blogging, just to earn money, then just don’t do that.

Romy | Vaker vrolijk

Have fun and keep it personal! 

 I started my blog ‘Vaker Vrolijk’ as a hobby and actually it still is. That doesn’t mean that I don’t earn money with it. I find it a nice challenge to collaborate with great brands that suit me and my blog. I don’t want readers to think “Hey, what a commercial article!” and therefore I try to give articles for collaborations an original twist and keep it very close to myself. That keeps it nice for me and hopefully also for my readers.

That is also the most important tip to bloggers: keep it fun and personal. Think about a creative approach. You can often go in many directions with collaborative articles.
I mainly earn money from companies that want to be mentioned in an article. I then brainstorm about an original and personal approach and make a proposal to the company. If we are both enthusiastic, I work out the article and then publish it after approval. Sometimes I also receive something instead of getting paid. By the way, I only do that if I really start using a product. Recently, for example, I was able to pick out a carpet for my new home in exchange for an article. I can be very happy about that!

Amanda de Bruin-Wiegman | MindandBeauty.nl

Earning money as blogger with advertorials & affiliate links 

You can earn money with blogging. We all know that – thankfully – by now. Nobody really cares anymore. But how exactly do you earn money with it? That is a question that I am regularly asked. Because yes, how do I pay my bills with blogging? Whether you are a professional blogger (and therefore live from it) or you have blogging as a hobby, blogging costs money in both cases. Consider things such as hosting and the purchase of paid plug-ins (not to mention the enormous amount of time and attention you put into a blog). You can, of course, pay for these kinds of things from your own pocket, but you can also recoup these “costs” as a blogger in another way and even keep a nice amount of it (as a salary or to invest in your blog again).

I hear you thinking: how do you do that, Amanda? Nice question! I earn money in two different ways. For example, I write advertorials (= a blog for which I am paid by a company) and I receive a commission through the use of affiliate links in my blogs (= I as an affiliate receive a small percentage of the total amount if someone uses the link on my blog to make a purchase). In addition, there would be many other ways to generate income as a blogger, for example, by placing banners or placing a message against payment on platforms such as Instagram. Yet the best advice I can give you is to choose an earning model that suits you and – most importantly – your readers. A blog differs essentially from another website or news site because as a blogger you are the face of the blog. Visitors come for you and value your opinion. Making money with blogging is a nice bonus, but it has never been my motivation to start blogging. It therefore certainly happens that I reject cooperation proposals. I find it much more fun to select platforms for possible paid blog assignments that suit me and my readers.

Dionne Knooren | Dio Lifestyle

Don’t forget what you are worth! 

My name is Dionne, the owner of the blogs Diolifestyle.nl and Ondernemen als een baas.nl where I both earn money with. Making money blogging is not difficult at all once you know how to approach it. I myself earn the most money with paid (sponsored) articles and affiliate marketing. It is a mistake to think that you can only make money with a blog if you have at least 50,000 unique visitors per month. Take my blog Diolifestyle.nl as an example.

My blog is not that big at all, about 8K unique visitors per month, but I do earn a lot of money. In November, for example, I converted over € 1,800 with my blog. I am very transparent about this and regularly write about it on my blog.

The very best tip: don’t forget your own value and see it as a game to ask for more and more money. Companies simply pay € 300 for an item. There are many more points to take into account: the PA and DA of your website, followers via social media, quality and so on. You have to dare to sell yourself.

Angeliek Nelissen | www.vrouwwatbenjemooi.nl

Earning money as blogger with affiliate marketing!

When I just started blogging, I only had one goal. Get as much traffic as possible to my blogs. I thought I was big enough to attract at least 20,000 unique visitors every month. I improved my SEO and made a joy dance when one of my blog articles was at the top of Google after 3.5 weeks. Wow, how cool!
After a year I thought it was time for me to make money with my blog and gives me a nice amount of money every month. 

Rein Onlein

Earning money as blogger with your website? Experiment!

It works best just to try everything. Some things work surprisingly well and others don’t. And the sooner you learn that, the faster you can work out your revenue model. For my own informative website Wateengast.nl I once started with a standard Adsense banner.


To be honest, to start earning money with a blog takes a long time. After a year, I only earned around 12 euros with Google Adsense and the minimum amount of money you need to get paid is 70 euros. In short, Google Adsense doesn’t work.

What turned out to work best was to make a booklet of the posts I had already written. Not by a publisher, but simply entirely by myself. Since you aren’t going to sell a thousand, this is a nice way to publish a book and doing everything yourself is a very fun, educational way to make some extra money on your site. I have sold more than 50 and that brought me around 250 euros. In short, you always need to try different things to see what might work for you.


Affiliate Marketing!

When I started my blog Happinessfromme, it was not really intended to make money with it. It was just a hobby … But I enjoyed it so much, that I decided to see how I could make money with it. First just little bits, for example with affiliate links. But I was also asked for barter deals. That’s when a blogger receives a product and writes about it, very nice! I received more and more requests for collaborations, like requests to place paid links. Sometimes I find a request in my mailbox, but I also pitch a lot via the so-called bloggers market places. In the meantime, I have registered my company at the Chamber of Commerce and it is my job. No, it is not my full-time job yet, but I am working on it. They are very nice extra earnings that I would not want to miss! Can I give a tip? Never let companies be in the first rank for a dime! Some companies offer such a low fee … Dare to say no, sometimes they come with a higher bid and otherwise, you will receive other requests of other companies.

Because you don’t want to become a free billboard, do you? The first time is difficult, certainly in the beginning, but it certainly is bearing fruit for me!

Francis Thomassen | www.mamazetkoers.nl

Paid assignments!

Hi, I am Francis and I blog on my own website Mamazetkoers.nl (A Dutch website). Making money blogging, I knew it was possible, but I never thought I was able to do it. I only blog for one year, but it all went fairly quickly. I now have about 2 paid assignments per month and those assignment are also my largest income. I don’t make much money (yet) but it would be great if at the end of this year I could pay a vacation of the money I earned from blogging. You have to start somewhere. My tips for you? Stay close to yourself, do what feels right and fits you, make sure your website has a high domain value and keep going.

claire | Claire’s Mission

Earning money as professional blogger with media agencies

It is my mission to put an end to animal suffering worldwide in a mindful manner. I blog about everything that has to do with this. That is why I say ‘no’ to 80% of the paid assignments. It must be 100% animal proof free and I have to believe in it. The moment when I find out the product is really vegan, I say “yes” to a client and then I really go for it! I provide a good blog article of at least 1000 words, my own visual material and I share it extensively on my social media channels. This quality is now my calling card and ensures that I am regularly approached by media agencies with matching assignments. I also regularly pitch on assignments that are on, for example, The Influencer Movement and Influentials. Besides that, I give yoga Nidra and meditation lessons + I organize nice workshops with a good friend. My tip to make money with your blog? Stay close to yourself, say ‘no’ regularly and go for the quality.

Celine Klooster | The Blog Boss & The Beautyboulevard


When I first started blogging, I received my first paid collaboration after a month. Back then, I didn’t know that you could earn with blogging and that’s why this assignment came as a complete surprise. After this assignment, the ball soon started rolling. I received many assignments, but I didn’t get much paid for this. I soon realized that my blog was really worth something and not the 50 euros that I regularly received for a collaboration. In the collaborations that followed, I quickly asked a higher price and most companies simply agreed.

Five years later I still earn with this blog and meanwhile I have started another blog, The Blog Boss, the blog you are currently on. On The Beautyboulevard, my first blog, I mainly earn with advertorials, reviews, and affiliate marketing. With The Blog Boss, I currently earn the most with advertorials and affiliate marketing. My tip? The ball will roll automatically if you really do something that you have a passion for. Making money as a professional blogger is not for everyone and I would therefore not start a blog just to make money. It must really be your passion!

As you can read, there are many different ways to earning money as a blogger. Some, unfortunately, don’t earn anything with it (yet) and for others, earning money was an easier job The most important thing is: follow your heart and make sure that you don’t just think about the euro sign. If it is really your passion, then you will naturally earn some money as a professional blogger, for example through affiliate marketing, advertorials, advertisements or other cool collaborations.


I am Celine. Enthusiastic, passionated, and a bit perfectionistic, but I especially love blogging. I love to share my blogging and social media tips and to help other people. Go to my about me page to get to know me.
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