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Hi! I am Celine. Beauty and fashion blogger, but besides that, owner of The Blog Boss. My passion is writing and that’s the reason why I have made a blog. I am a blogger for over four years and I have learned so much. That’s why I want to share my knowledge, so everybody can get a successful blog. 

Why would you blog?

Blogging is amazing, it gives me the possibility to do what I always wanted to do: writing. Blogging gives you the freedom and you can spend more time to the things you always wanted to do. With blogging you have a flexible schedule and you can earn a nice income with blogging as well, while you can maintain a social life as well.

Recent blog posts

The WordPress Dashboard: this is how it works!

I regularly get the question of how certain parts of the Wordpress dashboard actually work. This is, of course, important to know, because without this knowledge you can't follow tutorials at all. This is the reason why I wrote an extensive blog post for you that...

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Free SEO Tools to grow your blog traffic

SEO is a very important part of your blog and therefore it is important to use the right SEO tools. Currently, there are thousands of SEO tools on the internet and not all of them are equally good of course. That is why I have made a list of the best free SEO tools on...

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Costs of a blog | This is how your blog grows!

You should not underestimate starting a blog. Starting a blog takes a lot of time and you also need to invest to start a blog. Curious about how you grow your blog, without incurring too many costs? Then read this blog about the costs of a blog.This post contains...

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