Facebook groups to skyrocket your blog traffic

Almost every blogger uses Facebook. Still, it is pretty hard to find the right Facebook groups where you can promote your blog. I’ve made a list of a bunch of groups to promote your blog. Do you want to promote your articles more or do you want to expand your reach? Then read this article fast.

Facebook groups

On one sort or another, I always ruin my description or title of my post example when I promote my blogs. Fortunately, I’ve got a handy tool for that. When your title says “page not found” or something like that, you definitely have to use this tool. You go to the Facebook debugger, you add your link there and next, you click on scrape again. Your title will change immediately. Nobody will click on a link which says “Pays not found” of course.


Besides spamming your blog posts, it is also very nice and handy to communicate more with your colleague bloggers. I always answer some questions or I give comments on Facebook or blog posts. It doesn’t take much time, but it can be so nice to communicate a bit with your colleague bloggers.

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Facebook groups

Facebook groups

More groups

I’ve got more groups! So, do you want more groups? Then sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar. When you do this, you receive a whole bunch of Facebook groups in your inbox! It is definitely a recommendation to sign up for this newsletter. You won’t only receive these Facebook groups, but also free printables, stock photos and more.

Which Facebook groups haven’t you signed up for yet?


Are you looking for some more Facebook groups to promote your blog? Do you want to increase, boost or get more blog traffic? Then you are on the right place. I will give you some tips and tricks to grow your Facebook group and blog traffic with some simple rules. #BloggingTips  #Blogging #BloggingForBeginners

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