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Every blogger needs some more time. You need to spend your time on social media, writing, more social media and you want to get in touch with other bloggers. I figured out how to automate this process. Do you want to spare some time to grow your blog even more? Then check out this post to schedule your social media posts.

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Schedule your social media posts with Buffer

Buffer is a super handy site. The only thing you have to do is connect your social media channels to Buffer and then you can immediately start. There aren’t any tabs and there is only a possibility to schedule your posts. There aren’t any statics at the free version, unfortunately. The only disadvantage is that you can only schedule ten posts at once.


I love Tailwind a lot of course. Since I am using Tailwind, I don’t have to spend any time anymore to Pinterest, it just goes automatically. Once in two weeks, I schedule some more pins and I design some new pins as well. This is super easy and I only have to spend a couple of hours. Not much time for the result you get. Check out this website if you want to know more about Tailwind.

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I don’t use Hootsuite, but it is a very handy site to schedule your posts. The only disadvantage from HootSuite is that it doesn’t have a clear overview. You need to spend a couple of hours to figure out how HootSuite works. I think it is a waste of time to schedule my Twitter posts. That’s why I just use Buffer.

Schedule your social media posts

Schedule your social media posts with Later

I especially use this app for my only magazine, but I also want to use it for my blog. Now I use Buffer to schedule my Instagram posts, but maybe I will switch to Later. I am going to explain the difference between Later and Buffer. With Later you can schedule 30 free posts each month. You can do this all at once. With Buffer you can schedule unlimited posts, you only can’t do this at once. You can only add 10 posts free posts at once. After that, you need to wait until you have scheduled the post so you can add some extra ones. With Later you have statics and some other information as well.

Later has a really clear overview and a media library. I use Later only for my online magazine and I don’t write alone for my online magazine of course. Everybody who participates in writing for the online magazine can also add images to the media library. You only need to give the email address and password to your team members, because you can’t add any extra email addresses to your account. You can do this with the paid version of Later. You can also use Later for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and some other social media sites.

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Not really a website to schedule your posts, but more a website to schedule posts from others. You can find some really interesting posts on here and next you can schedule those posts at the best times. Super handy and you also have a chance to grow your retweets and followers. I also think it is really nice to discover posts from others.

Which sites do you already use to schedule your social media posts or which are you going to use? 

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