Why you have to use Tailwind | 5 reasons

My blog traffic has grown a lot and that is especially because of Pinterest. Still, I don’t have to spend much time on Pinterest. This is one of the reasons why you have to use Tailwind, but there are more. Curious for more of these reasons? Then read this blog.

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Reasons why you have to use Tailwind

Tailwind saves me so much time. Every two weeks I spend one hour to schedule all my pins for the next two weeks and that is. Think about how much time it saves me, instead of pinning all the pins by hand.


The statistics of Tailwind are really amazing. My favorite tool is the tool which shows my best pins, which I can repin again for more reach. Check out the reading below to read more about these handy tools. e

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The tribes are really amazing. A lot of people repin my pins via these tribes. If these tribes didn’t exist then I wouldn’t have all the traffic I have now. And that’s a lot!

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Reasons why you have to use Tailwind

Bulk schedule

Oh.. This function… I love it so much. This function makes sure I can pin a lot of pins at the same time. I repin around 300 pins every time. This is the reason why I save a lot of time with Tailwind.

Blog traffic

I always say that my blog traffic has grown a lot because of Pinterest. But this is actually not the truth. My blog traffic has actually grown because of Tailwind. If I didn’t have Tailwind, then I wouldn’t have the time to pin every day around 80 pins, so my reach stays high.

Don’t you know yet if you want to use Tailwind? Then you can Tailwind totally for free. With this link, you can try Tailwind for free a month long, without you having to pay anything. Who doesn’t want that?

Are you going to use Tailwind?

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