Handy apps for bloggers (Blog traffic boost!)

Each blogger uses his phone frequently. I use my phone pretty often. I often check my social media and I post some new updates every day. That’s why I have downloaded a couple of very handy apps on my phone what makes my blog life easier. Curious about the handy apps for bloggers? Then check out this blog.

Handy apps for bloggers | Buffer

I’ve written a blog about this website of course, but I didn’t tell that there is also an app of this. With this app, you can schedule your tweets and schedule your Instagram posts for free. You can schedule a whole lot with this, but I actually use this app for only those two things.


Most of the time I use Canva on my laptop, but if I am really in a hurry or when I am traveling, then I use Canva on my phone. Very handy and making a pin is done in seconds.

Handy apps for bloggers


The note app of my iPhone really needs some improvement. That’s why I’ve downloaded Evernote. With this app, you can make some very handy lists, make concepts and it is also connected to my laptop. All concepts I’ve made in Evernote are immediately put on my laptop as well.


A while ago, I’ve made an automatic newsletter. Now I don’t have to worry about that newsletter again. Very handy! With this app, you can check your newsletter, make freebies and check your subscribers.

Facebook debugger

This isn’t really an app, but it is very handy to make a shortcut to this website. Sometimes I promote my articles on my phone and if Facebook doesn’t really work then I just go to this website. With the Facebook debugger, you make sure your links always work.

Handy apps for bloggers


Goals? What are those? A long time ago, I thought it was hard to keep up with my goals, but with this app that’s the past. With this app, you can put your goals on one row easily and keep up with your progress as well.


How often I say this, Tailwind is just really amazing. Every day, Tailwind automatically pins seventy pins on Pinterest, without I have to do much for this. With this app, you can schedule some new pins, find new pins and keep up with your schedule.

What do you think of the handy apps for bloggers

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