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Promoting your blog. It costs a lot of time and we prefer putting everything on the automatic pilot. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with everything, but I have found a handy way to create an automatic newsletter for your blog. Curious how I make that? Then read this blog.

Automatic newsletter

It is actually super easy. You first make an account on Mailchimp and you download the plugin MailChimp for WP. Next, you go to campaigns and then you press create new campaign. Next, you press create an email and then ‘share blog updates’. Now you fill in all the steps. You make an amazing newsletter layout, fill in when you want to send the newsletter and don’t forget to add your RSS feed URL. Most of the time, this is If you come to the step design, then you click on RSS header or RSS items. You place this in your layout once. Next, you press on ‘preview and test’. Here you can see if your email works. It is also handy to test it by sending it to your email address.

Automatic newsletter


Don’t you see any images in your email? Then download the plugin Featured Images in RSS & Mailchimp Email. This plugin makes sure that your images show up in your RSS. In the plugin, you can also adapt how big you want the image to be. Test if the newsletter works a couple of times and if you are done then you click on confirm. Next, you go to the plugin Mailchimp for WP. Here you only have to fill in your API key and you need to make a list where you want to save your subscribers. You can do this on Mailchimp. Go to lists > create new list > and fill in the settings. Next, you go back to the plugin and press ‘refresh lists’ and then your list will show up immediately.

Voila! Now you have an automatic newsletter and you never have to look back at it. The only thing you have to do is gathering subscribers for your newsletter. Do you want to stay updated on all my weekly blog tips and more? Then sign up for my newsletter in my sidebar.

Do you have an automatic newsletter already?

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Are you looking for tips and tricks to make an automatic newsletter with Mailchimp? Then this is the right place to be. In this tutorial I will tell you how you can send an email automatically. This tutorial is the right marketing for your business. I will tell how you can send emails automatically montly, weekly or even daily. Template | Design | Ideas | Classroom | Inspiration | Content

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