Blog promotion in 2020 | This is how you do that!

It is the last month of 2019 and therefore it is important to prepare your blog promotion in 2020. I will certainly take a different approach and therefore my promotion strategy changes. There are a lot of different ways to promote your blog, but what are the best ways?

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Blog promotion in 2020


Blog promoten in 2020

Pinterest is the best way to promote your blog and I keep repeating this. With Pinterest, it is especially important that you stick to it and then regularly place different pins. For example, I post 50 different pins every day. These pins are of course pins of myself, but also pins of others.

Of course, I don’t do this manually, but with the help of a program that automatically posts my pins, called Tailwind. This is a handy program with which I can schedule my pins. Every week I plan a day when I schedule new pins and then I am done for a week.

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Tailwind Tribes

When you hear Tailwind, you immediately think of Pinterest, but still, Tailwind Tribes falls under a different promotion strategy. You can use Tailwind Tribes to boost your pins just a little bit more, but also to get more traffic to your blog. People also use Tailwind Tribes to discover pins and then read more about a specific topic.

Blog promoten in 2020

Tailwind tribes give you an overview of different pins within a certain niche or tribe. For example, I have joined many tribes about blog tips and in these tribes, I share my pins so that other people can discover my blog tips. So, very handy!

Blog promotion in 2020 > Facebook

Facebook is and remains a good strategy to promote your blog and in particular through your own Facebook page and through niche-specific Facebook groups. For my blog tips, for example, I regularly share my tips in different Facebook groups for bloggers, because this is my niche. However, it is less effective for other bloggers from other niches to share blog posts here, because this is simply not the right niche.

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On my beauty blog, I regularly share various discounts on beauty and fashion products. I can then choose to share these discounts in the different groups for bloggers (and of course some people will actually click on them!). But of course, it is much more effective to share these discounts in groups for discounts. That way you reach many more people at once and you also save a lot of time.

Blog promotion in 2020 > SEO

Blog promoten in 2020

SEO is an important part of your blog. In short, SEO means Search Engine Optimization and this SEO determines how high you end up in the search results. Since I improve my SEO more and more, with the help of plugins such as Yoast SEO and the right SEO-friendly theme, I have been getting higher in the search results. This then ensures more visitors to my blog via Google.

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Don’t focus on too many things at once

As you can read above, I actually promote my blog in only three ways: via Pinterest, Facebook, and SEO. Of course, I can also choose to use Reddit, Twitter or other social media, but it is more convenient to focus on just three social media. In this way you can, as it were, specialize in one social media, instead of focusing on all kinds of social media at the same time. Ultimately, you get more results, instead of getting just a little traffic from all different kinds of social media.

How are you going to do your blog promotion in 2020?

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