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For over a year, I've been blogging in English. Besides that, I also blog in Dutch, what I've been doing for over three years. I think blogging bilingually is very nice to do. I really love the English language and I really like to get in touch with more English and international readers. Curious how and why I blog in English? Then check out this article.

Blogging bilingually

I hear a lot of bloggers who want to blog in English because then they get more visitors. It is true, you get more visitors, but please, don't let that be your only reason. I am seeing a lot of bloggers who want to blog bilingual, but next just translate the English texts with Google Translate. Please, just don't do that. Maybe you can get more visitors, but those visitors will immediately click away because the translation is just really bad. I am not the best in English and make some mistakes as well, but this is thousand times better than Google Translate. Besides that, it is important that you not only blog in English for the visitors, but also for the interaction, the nice people and of course the English language. I do it for that.

blogging bilingually

How do you blog in English?

To make my blog bilingual, I use the plugin called WPML. A plugin which makes sure that I can easily switch to the English language. If you want to blog bilingual, then please use this plugin, because it is very ugly when you make two different articles with two languages or when you put the translation in English behind every sentence. The eye wants something as well of course. Besides that, I use a program called Grammarly. This program makes sure my English text has a lot fewer mistakes and it immediately corrects it for me. This way I make fewer mistakes in English. Soon I will write more tutorials about WPML and I will place the link here.

Why isn't it a recommendation to blog bilingual?

When I started blogging in English, I immediately noticed how much time I needed to spend to translate the post. I needed at least one hour to translate one article. This is a lot of course, but that is the reality. Blogging in English costs a lot of time, so don't underestimate that. If I needed to measure out the advantages and disadvantages, then for me it is a big recommendation to blog bilingual. Besides the nice people, the interaction and the English language, I also get a lot of visitors, nice collaboration with international companies and more.

Do you want to blog bilingual? 

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