Common blog mistakes people make with a blog

Oei, those common mistakes… A while ago I confronted my self, but also others with a couple of mistakes you just can’t make. With these mistakes, you can destroy your blog and also can break your relationship with companies as well. Curious about the common blog mistakes you definitely can’t make? Then check out this blog.

Common blog mistakes when making a backup

How often I say it, nobody follows my advice. Also, make a backup if you change something on your blog. Maybe you update a plugin or maybe change a “little thing” to your blog? This little thing can destroy your blog and sometimes you don’t even get your blog back. I get so many private messages, WhatsApp messages or messages on Twitter if I want to help someone because her blog is not working anymore. Also when I ask if they have made a backup, then I often hear that they haven’t done this. This is the biggest mistake you can make and you definitely have to avoid this. Don’t know how to make a backup? Then check out this article. It is not hard, but very essential!

Common mistakes

Not doing any research

Blogger A says that you definitely have to download this plugin. Next, you download it and you destroy your website. This can even happen with the most popular plugins. Sometimes a plugin can’t go together with your theme or maybe something weird happens.  First, do some research on this plugin. Maybe you come across a bad review of this plugin. Besides that, it is also handy to take a look at your theme documentation or maybe it says something like this plugin can’t work with that theme. So, never download a plugin directly, but first, take a look at the internet if this plugin does what it says.

Don’t email back on time

This is not the biggest mistake, but still a mistake I often make. Sometimes it is very annoying when companies don’t email me back fast. Fast is in one week. Unfortunately, I make this mistake pretty often as well. I sometimes forget to check my email or I forget to answer the email. Something I am also too lazy to answer, although I really like the company. I always make sure that I answer all my email in one week.

blog fouten


Some bloggers really miss some personality. Think about a picture in your sidebar, an ‘about me’ article or just a personal article. Especially on social media, you can be very personal and I try to do that on there pretty often. If you aren’t personal, then I just stop reading your blog. I want to get to know the person behind the blog.

Which common blog mistakes have you made? 

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