Because of the amount of visitors, my blog can be a good possibility to promote your product or brand. This can be done through a product review, an advertorial or a banner on my blog. I will only collab with you, if your brand fully suits my blog. Besides that, I always give an honest opinion about the product.

Besides that, I am also open for press releases, provided that this totally suits my blog. I will write about these press releases on my social media channels or on my blog.

For questions about advertorials, banners, product reviews or other ideas, you can email me on or you can send a message via the contact form below.

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Celine Klooster

Frequently Asked Questions

Below the most frequently asked questions I have received in my inbox. 

Can I send ideas or questions?

Yes! That is certainly possible. Ideas or questions are always welcome and I will help you to answer these ideas or questions.

Are you open for collaborations?

Yes! Of course, I am open to collaborations. You can always send me an email with a request to collab.

What kind of collaborations do you do?

I work together in a number of different ways. For example, I work together to write reviews, but also, for example, to write an advertorial or create a banner. For all options, contact me.

I have k heb een klacht. Waar kan ik terecht?

If you have a complaint, you can always contact me. Of course, I try to resolve this complaint and this solution is always according to 100% customer satisfaction.

I have a questions about the products you sell.

Of course, you can contact me! All questions are welcome and I will always answer them.

Can I sign up for the newsletter?

You can become a member of the newsletter using the form below! Then you will receive the best blog tips, freebies, and even a free ebook!

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