Divi Tips & Tricks | Where do you find the best?

Divi is a great program for creating the best websites. You can choose from 600 different layouts, so you can put together a website quickly and easily. To get even more out of Divi, there are a lot of websites where you can read the latest Divi tips & tricks. Curious about these websites? Then read this blog.

What is Divi?

Divi is a program with which you can easily create your own website. Divi offers more than 600 different themes so that you can quickly put together a great website. Be sure to check out the video above for a detailed explanation of Divi.

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Divi Tips & Tricks

Elegant Themes Blog

Divi Tips & Tricks

This is the official blog of Divi. Elegant Themes is the company behind Divi and it is really a great website if you are looking for tips & tricks. In addition, I often use support, which means that I quickly get links to the tutorials I am looking for.

Divi Academy

Divi Tips & Tricks

Divi Academy provides live training, exclusive content and various member benefits. This website is paid, but definitely worth it if you want to learn more about Divi.

Divi Lover

Divi Tips & Tricks

On this website, you will find various resources, tips & tricks and also free themes! If you become a member of the newsletter you will receive a lot of free things in your mailbox!

Divi Tips & Tricks: Divi Space

Divi Tips & Tricks

Divi Space offers various tools to grow your Divi website. This website also offers various plugins and more. However, you have to pay for these plugins and themes.

Divi Cake

Divi Cake

You can buy different plugins, themes and other layouts on Divi Cake. In addition, Divi Cake regularly offers nice discounts.

Elegant Enthusiast

Divi Tips & Tricks

This website does not look great at first sight, but the tips and tricks on this website are really useful. For example, the tutorials are explained easily and briefly.

Divi Booster

Divi Tips & Tricks

Divi Booster is a WordPress plugin that gives you 100 different options for Divi. This is the plugin that is really a must-have for every blogger (if you already have Divi;)).

Divi tips & tricks: Divi Soup

Divi Kitchen

Divi Soup contains many tutorials, tips & tricks and also a lot of different freebies that you can download to get better at Divi. Highly recommended!

Which Divi tips websites will you definitely visit?

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