Do Pinterest followers matter? The followers-tab explained

Written by Celine Klooster

September 22, 2019

Do Pinterest followers matter? That is a question that I regularly receive in my inbox. Previously, the smart feed put little emphasis on followers, because you didn’t see the pins of the people you followed. Now, this has changed, but does it matter for your Pinterest strategy?

Do Pinterest followers matter?

Since March 2018 there has been a change in the smart feed and that’s why followers are starting to become more important on Pinterest. That’s why you have to work on your followers on Pinterest.

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What is the Pinterest follower tab?

The Pinterest followers tab is a new Pinterest feed and then only from the people you follow. Handy of course, because that way you have a clear overview of the people you follow. For example, on my Pinterest, I only follow people who blog about pins, so I can easily and quickly pin these pins to have a more active Pinterest account.

Even with a small number of followers, you can already get more visitors on Pinterest. It is, of course, important that you ensure that you think about your SEO and use the right keywords.

How does the Pinterest follower tab work?

Of course, it is important to know how the Pinterest followers tab works.

Do Pinterest followers matter

First, go to Pinterest and press the ‘following’ tab at the top. If you click on this tab, you will automatically see the smart feed of the people you follow.

Do Pinterest followers matter

This is the follower smart feed. As you can see, I follow as many people as possible in the blog section. I will work on following more people so that I have a greater variation between the people I follow. I am also going to unfollow people because there are sometimes pins in the smart feed that have nothing to do with blogging.

Do Pinterest followers matter

To unfollow people, click on the button to the left of the red arrow. This way you get to see which people are currently visible in your smart feed.

Do Pinterest followers matter

Next, you get this page that shows which people you are following. This way you can easily and quickly follow the people who have nothing to do with the niche you blog about. It is also recommended to go to the following tab via your profile because unfortunately, you will not get the full overview of all the people you follow.

How can the Pinterest follower tab change your Pinterest strategy?

Pinterest followers, of course, do not mean everything. You still have to pay attention to your keywords, a good description, and the right pin. Nevertheless, a follower number can definitely help.

 1. Try to grow your followers’ amount

Pinterest says that it is important to work on your follower number. To promote your Pinterest profile, you can use your blog or social media. You can also use my Facebook group, where you can create a thread, to find people in your niche that you can follow.

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2. Pinterest will show your content to your followers first

Pinterest will be the first to show your content to your followers. Those first few days are very important for your pin and therefore it is important to grow your follower number. If your pin does well in the first few days, Pinterest will also show your pin to others.

3. Pinterest shows your profile to other bloggers

Pinterest helps you grow your followers. Your account is regularly shown to other bloggers as ‘recommended’. This way other bloggers can decide whether or not to follow your account. Handy!

So.. Do Pinterest followers really matter?

Yes, followers really matter on Pinterest. The new follower tab shows your content to people who follow you. So if you don’t have followers, then your content will be less likely to gain traction. The more (active!) followers you have, the more interaction you get on your content. And of course, interaction is worth gold on Pinterest.

In conclusion, actively promote your Pinterest account, so people will follow your account. You can do this by promoting on social media or using your blog for promotion (so hey, follow me on Pinterest!).

Did you know that Pinterest followers really matter?


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