Instagram mistakes you are making. Avoid these!

I think Instagram is the most used social media platform among bloggers. I use Instagram often to promote my blog and it works very well. Nevertheless, I have made many Instagram mistakes in the past and fortunately, I managed to prevent them all. Curious about these Instagram mistakes? Then read this blog.

Instagram mistakes

Horizontal images

The use of horizontal images is really a big mistake. Please use square images or vertical images. I prefer square images because this is also beautiful in your feed.

This way you prevent them

Take pictures with your camera so that you don’t have to crop them anymore. This way your pictures are not too small and your photos are more visible.

Not using enough hashtags

You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. Therefore, you should use those hashtags. I hear from many people that the use of 30 hashtags is not right or otherwise, that it is correct. I have tested this myself and these 30 hashtags work best for me.

This way you prevent them

I have made a list of a lot of hashtags per post type I use. I have made a list with hashtags. Besides that, in Later, I have a list with hashtags for my beauty, fashion and travel posts.

Not posting frequently

I am guilty of this myself. It’s of course very difficult to post regularly, especially if you have little time. Therefore, it is useful to have a fixed schedule for regular posting.

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This way you prevent them

Make sure to use Later. This is a free Instagram schedule program that automatically publishes your posts. Very handy, because that way you don’t have to think about it immediately if you have to post an Instagram post. This way you can manage to post regularly.

Not using a call to action

Many people write an Instagram description without a call to action. A call to action is very important and ensures that people, for example, click through to your blog.

This way you prevent them

I usually write a call to action beforehand and I post photos that I can refer to with a call to action. So I usually write something in the direction of “click on the link in the bio to find out more about this product!”.

Instagram mistakes

Posting too often

You can, of course, post too little, but also too often. Post a maximum of once a day and if you really have a lot of photos, then two photos per day are still allowed. I myself try to post once a day, but sometimes even less, because of course, I don’t want to irritate my followers.

This way you prevent them

Set a limit for yourself and take a good look at the photo you want to post. If you post two photos a day, try to distribute them. Besides that, it is also handy to use Later and set up your post times here.

Having no niche

Look, of course, you don’t have to have a specific niche. Instagram must, of course, remain fun. However, try to keep a few subjects. For example, I post beauty and fashion photos and I also regularly write a personal update on Instagram. However, it doesn’t make sense to first take a picture of your dog, then of clothing, then of a football and then of nature. Your followers must have something to stick with.

No interaction

No interaction is really a big pitfall. You can place a photo, but then you are not there yet. Of course, you want to get followers and you get that only by giving back interaction.

This way you prevent them

I regularly do a like round myself. Of course, you shouldn’t look like a spammer, but just try to regularly like photos that you like. Regularly, I also leave responses to photos that really call my attention.

Which Instagram mistakes are you guilty of?

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