Earn money with your blog | This is how you do that!

If you blog for a bit longer and when you want to take your blog more serious, then you can think about making some money from your blog. Of course, it is still very important that you love blogging and especially stay honest with your readers, but a professional approach is also very important. Curious about the ways to earn money with your blog? Then read this post.

This post includes affiliate links. You can see my disclosure page here, thanks for your support!

Earn money with your blog

Before we start, I will explain shortly what affiliate links are. Most of you know what they are, but I also know that there are a couple of people who don’t have a clue what those are. Affiliate links are links to a certain product or to a website. When someone clicks on that link, then you earn a little amount of money, because someone clicks on the link. You earn a bigger amount when someone buys something from that link.

Be honest!

Also, I want to say, I think it is ridiculous if you try to sell something where you are negative about. Imagine, you get a product and you don’t like that product at all. Also, you know that you get an affiliate link and that you can earn money from that. What you can do is writing a very positive review of the product, while you aren’t positive about the product at all. If you do this, please immediately stop blogging, because that is just ridiculous. I think you need to be 100% honest with your readers. On top of my post, I always place a sentence when I use affiliate links in a post. As you can see, I also do this in this post, because I use a couple of affiliate links in this post.  So, you need to do this and you need to be 100% honest with your readers.

Geld verdienen met je blog


Did you know affiliate links need to be nofollow? So quickly install the plugin Ultimate Nofollow and make your affiliate links nofollow. You need to do this because you get paid for the link (a commission) and for that you need to place a nofollow link.

Affiliate programs

There are actually two different things you can sign up for. There are affiliate networks, but also affiliate programs at just one company. I am especially enthusiastic about the affiliate networks because with this network you can sign up for a lot of companies, but it still stays clear which companies you have signed up for.

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Earn money with your blog with ShareASale

I am super enthusiastic about this affiliate network. This is a network with a couple of different affiliate partners. These partners are divided into different categories and this way you can sign up for your favorite affiliate partners. Super nice! The only disadvantage is that you need to blog in English before you can place affiliate links from If you don’t blog in English, then you can’t place any affiliate links of this network. For example, I blog in two languages, so I am allowed to place affiliate links. Click here to sign up.

Earn money with your blog

Rakuten Marketing

I think Shareasale works nicer than Rakuten Marketing, but this affiliate network has a lot of companies you can sign up for. Also, you are allowed to sign up for this network when you don’t blog in English. Click here to sign up for this affiliate network.

Did you already know how to earn money with your blog?

Do you want to make money with your blog or social media fast? You definitely have to check out these tips to do that. With these tips you can make some money online at home on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or your blog. You can do this by blogging and without a job or some apps. These are the easy ways on how to make money with your blog for free. #GrowYourBlog #BloggingForBeginners #HowToBlog

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