Instagram stories! | You need these apps to grow!

It is very important to update your Instagram story frequently. Sometimes this is very hard, but at other moments this is a very nice job. I have made this process easier with a couple of amazing apps. Do you want to enhance your Instagram stories? Then you definitely need these four apps!

Instagram stories with Hype

Instagram stories

With Hype, you can make moving stories. A very amazing program with a lot of different effects to enhance your Instagram stories.


If you are looking for an app which has the perfect designs, then you really need to download Jane. Jane is an app totally in Chinese (well I think so?), but it is really an amazing app. With this app, you are sure that your Instagram stories will be enhanced.

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This is really my favorite app of all. With this app, you can make moving stories. Hype can do this as well. Still, I think this app is more user-friendly and you can remove the watermark for free as well. I am definitely going to use this app to make my moving stories.


Instagram stories verbeteren Instagram stories

Of course, you don’t want to only use moving stories (although they are super cool!). With Unfold you can make a lot of beautiful stories. With this app you get templates and with these templates, you can make a story super easily.

I secretly hope that Instagram will put all these functions in the Instagram app. When they get added, it is just a bit more user-friendly. Still, these four apps are a good alternative.

Definitely take a look at my Instagram stories for live examples.

Which app are you definitely going to use?

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