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I use a lot of things to blog with. Without these things, I would have fewer visitors, more spelling mistakes, and probably a lot more social media posts. It is therefore highly recommended to have these things. Wondering how I have exploded my blog traffic? Then read this blog.

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Almost every day, I post on Instagram. I don't do this all by hand, but I use Later. With Later you can schedule your Instagram posts totally for free. So, definitely a recommendation.

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Boost your blog traffic with Tailwind

Tailwind is really the best purchase I have ever done. Yes, Tailwind costs money, but I have earned that back already. Tailwind makes sure I can schedule my pins and then it gets published automatically. Tailwind has ensured that I have received a lot more visitors on my blog and this continues to grow every day.

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I have been using Grammarly for more than three years now and it is still a very good and useful program. I blog bilingual, of course, and I use Grammarly for that. However, it is also useful to use Grammarly if, for example, you have to write an English essay or something else important. Then you are at least certain that you can avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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Since I found out how to set up an automatic newsletter for my blog, I really love Mailchimp. Mailchimp ensures that I no longer have to create manual newsletters, but I actually just have to set it up once and then never have to look at it again. Still a little extra blog traffic, without having to do much more for it.

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Affiliate programma's

Do you want to earn money with your blog, but don't you know how? Then you definitely have to look at my post about affiliate marketing. Making money with your blog has never been easier with affiliate marketing and I really can not live without it. Share A Sale is my favorite affiliate marketing platform and it is definitely a recommendation to sign up for this.

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What do you think is really a must for your blog and what do you use for your blog to explode your blog traffic? 

Are you looking for ways to explode your blog traffic? In this article I will give you tips and tricks on how to get more blog visitors and boost, increase and skyrocket your blog traffic. For example, you can use social media like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to grow your blog followers and you can also grow your online business. Click on this pin to read more about these tips and tricks. Report | Website | Posts | Medium | Make Money | Search Engine | How to Use | Ideas

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