Focusing on Instagram | Why should you do that?

I don’t think Instagram is that amazing. Of course, I am addicted to Pinterest, but I actually have to post more on Instagram. Instagram is very important for your blog, especially if you have a blog with many photos. In this article, I will tell you six reasons why focusing on Instagram is important.

Focusing on Instagram

On Instagram is so many more interaction than on Facebook and Pinterest. I mean, on Pinterest I barely get comments, because Pinterest is not really meant for comments. On Facebook, I only get comments when someone has something negative to say. I barely get positive comments on Facebook.

Sweet people

As I already said above, on Instagram are so many sweet people. I never get a negative comment and most of the time, people post comments about my picture on my picture.

Focusing on Instagram


Lately, I get a lot of questions from companies to place a picture on Instagram. I think it is really nice to hear that companies are already interested in my Instagram profile. I am not even that active on Instagram.


Somehow, I think it is really nice to make a beautiful feed. I do this with white pictures, but also with colored pictures. The result of my feed is always very nice to see. I also love to make an autumn feed! It is so amazing to see all those beautiful colors!

Less time

Instagram doesn’t cost much time. Facebook costs me a lot of time and Instagram doesn’t cost me anything. Actually, you just need to post a picture and just need to be a bit active on Instagram. I need to be more active on Instagram of course, but posting pictures is very easy with Buffer.

Do you have more reasons to be more active on Instagram? Tell me!

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