Instagram engagement | 6 tips to increase your following

Everyone uses Instagram. It is one of the most known social media platforms. Still, it is pretty hard to grow on Instagram and the algorithm doesn’t make it easier. A while ago I came across a lot of handy tips to grow your Instagram engagement. Want to know which? Then read this blog.

Be active for your Instagram engagement

I was never very active on Instagram. I posted pictures every day, but that was it. It is very important that you like pictures of other people frequently. I always choose a hashtag which I use a lot and then I like the pictures I really like.

The right phone

It is important to have a good phone with the right camera. You can have a gorgeous camera, but you can’t bring that camera everywhere. My current phone doesn’t have autofocus and that is pretty annoying. When you buy a new phone, it is pretty important to look at all the features. Tip: Autofocus is a must.

Instagram engagement

Ask a question in your description

Out of experience, I notice that if you ask a question in the description of a post, you will get a lot of comments on this question. I also always have the temptation to respond to a post if someone asks a question in their description.

Respond to all comments

It is very important to you respond to all comments on your posts. This way you get higher in the search results and that will get you a higher Instagram engagement.

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Use hashtags

It is maybe a bit obvious, but it is very important to use hashtags. But, not only hashtags but hashtags which really suit the picture you have posted. For example, I always use fashion hashtags when I post a picture of clothes and I always use a beauty hashtag when I post a beauty product. Besides that, I analyze which hashtags are good and which are bad. When I see a bad hashtag, then I stop using this bad hashtag. Besides that, always use the maximum of hashtags (30 hashtags).

Call to Action

Always put a call to action in the description of your post. For example, this can be: “Click on the link in my bio to read my blog” or “click on the link in bio to participate in this giveaway”.

What do you do to grow your Instagram engagement? 

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