Affiliate links: How do these work? + tips!

Affiliate links are links from products where you can earn with. When someone clicks on your link and buys something, then you earn a part of that amount. It is pretty hard to find affiliate links of course. There are a couple of different sites for this, but it is way easier of course when this goes automatically.

How do affiliate links work?

Affiliate links work pretty easy. You write about a product and when someone buys something from your link, you get a certain amount of money.

Automatic links

I am super lazy, that is clear. I spend a lot of time writing a blog post. When I want to add links, then I first need to find good links which I can use. With Linkpizza that goes super different. Linkpizza makes automatic links in your article when you link to a product or a company. For example, did you see an amazing product on and do you link to that product? Then you get an automatic affiliate link instead of that link. Super handy right?

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affiliate links

How does Linkpizza work?

You simply sign up on the site of Linkpizza. Next, you install the plugin of Linkpizza on your WordPress site. Linkpizza has to accept your site before you can work with the affiliate links. When you are on Blogspot, you need to add the gadget via Javascript. When you have installed the plugin you need to change a couple of settings, but that is pretty clear. Now you can work with the affiliate links!

A media kit and a marketplace

Linkpizza doesn’t only have automatic affiliate links, but also an automatic mediakit! I know this is pretty important among bloggers and you don’t have to pay any effort for that. Also, the marketplace is super handy. In this marketplace, you can find really nice collaborations and you can also collaborate with different companies.

Do you use these links and are you going to use automatic affiliate links? 

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