Author rights for bloggers: How do these work? + tips

Today I will explain the rules which you need to keep up with before you get sued. That’s why I will explain which author rights you need to pay attention to when you write some blogs yourself. Besides that, you have author rights yourself. Curious about all the rules? Then check out this blog.

Do I have author rights on my blog?

You have author rights on your blog. So, other people are not allowed to take over texts, photos, drawings, and other creative work. If you don’t give any permission, then people aren’t allowed to take over your work.

Copyright mention

You don’t have to put a copyright mention on your blog because you automatically have author rights when you make something. On the bottom of my blog, I have a copyright mention, for when people don’t understand that they are not allowed to take over my texts for free.

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Author Rights

Help! Someone stole my texts of my blog

This is something what can happen of course. The first step you have to do is emailing that person. Maybe that person is just dumb and doesn’t know that he isn’t allowed to take over your texts. If the person doesn’t respond, then I would send another remember and if then nothing happens, I would send the provider a message. This person has the obligation to delete the information when there is a case of infringement. As the last step, you can go to the judge, but that goes too far in my opinion…

Other rules

Are you curious about the other rules you need to keep up with? I have written an article about which rules bloggers need to obey before they get sued and besides that, I have also written a blog post about websites where you can get free stock photos of.

Did you know about the author rights and have you ever experienced that someone took over your texts? 

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