How often should you blog? (Shocking results!)

I regularly come across blog posts that advise blogging every day. Of course, it is important to blog regularly if you want to improve your blog, but blogging every day is actually a bit exaggerated. Don’t get me wrong, there are serious advantages to blogging every day, but also a lot of disadvantages. Curious how often you should blog? Then read this blog!

How often should you blog? > Advantages of blogging every day

One reason to write a blog post every day is if you are in a certain niche that actually needs to blog every day. Maybe you write about the latest fashion items that come out every day or maybe you have a news website for which you actually have to blog every day. Then you really can’t get away from it…

Some bloggers do very well when they have a fixed schedule for blogging. I can understand this because that is how you get used to blogging every day. This allows you to learn a habit that allows you to blog every day.

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I have received a lot of questions about how often you should be blogging. One thing is for sure, you have to blog frequently and consistent, but how do you do that? If you are looking for ways for starting a blog in 2019, then you are on the right place! In this blog post I will tell you how to do that and how to create a successful blog to earn money. Just my posting frequently! Read this blog for more information. For beginners | For free | Ideas | #BloggingForBeginners | #BloggingTips

It is also very good for your SEO to blog every day. The more pages you have, the more options your readers have to find you on Google. Of course, you need to do way more to get found on Google.

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If you want to blog every day it is important that you can plan well. In addition, you may want to think about keeping your posts fairly short or using different formats. Think of a post with many photos or a post with a video in it.

Why it is better to blog less

More and more bloggers start blogging less, but why actually? It is just really difficult to publish good content every day. Some bloggers are good at this, but it should also remain fun. That is why I blog on The Blog Boss twice a week. Besides that, I’ve got another blog, The Beautyboulevard, and I blog on that blog three times a week.

The great thing about not blogging every day is that you can really take the time to write a blog post. But if you do nothing other than blogging, then you might be able to take the time to blog every day. If you do other things than blogging, then not blogging every day is great. This way I can really take my time to write an extensive post of around 1000 words so that my readers can actually benefit from the post.

How often should you blog?

In addition, you will gain time if you don’t blog every day. For example, I currently focus a lot on social media, because I want to grow my blog. Blogging involves so much more than just writing articles and it is therefore important that you actually put your blog on the market. For example, I recommend focusing on Pinterest:

How often should you blog? > Blog routine

I use a blog schedule myself. For example, I post on Wednesday and Sunday on The Blog Boss and Monday, Thursday and Saturday on The Beautyboulevard. This works for me, but of course, that doesn’t have to work for you. Some bloggers post once a week, some every day and some post when they are inspired.

How often should you blog?

Also, a big recommendation is using Trello. This is a (free!) program where you can make different boards to schedule your blogs. Above you see the board I use to schedule my blogs. Very handy, of course!

How often should you blog, according to you?

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