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What can you do with a survey? You are probably wondering this while you are reading the title of this post. Believe it or not, but you can do a lot with a survey. What about improving your blog with the opinion of your readers or maybe creating a freebie with the opinion of your readers, so you can boost your blog traffic. You can do a lot with a survey. You should definitely make a survey!

Why make a survey?

Above, I have explained it a bit already, but you can do a lot with a survey. I needed to make this for school, but without school, a survey is also very handy. I now take my school homework as a little example. In this, I ask a couple of simple things, like what do expect from this website or what can we improve? Simple questions, but questions we can do a lot with. With these answers, you can improve your blog and boost your blog traffic. So, that’s very handy! Your readers can see way more than you can see. Your readers experience your website in another way than you do, so it’s very important to hear the opinion of your readers.

make a survey

How do you make a survey?

First, you need to download the plugin “Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow & Form Builder”. This is a simple plugin which you can install on your website. After you have installed this plugin, it is important you think about the questions you want to ask your readers. What’s your goal? Promoting your blog? Creating a freebie? Maybe an ebook? What do you want to know from your readers? You can make this survey on OpinionStage. This website is connected to the plugin you have installed. When you have made your survey, you go to content and next you click on “add to site”. You add your survey with the plugin to your website. Do you first want to know how this survey looks like before you install it on your website? Then take a look at my online magazine. (It is in Dutch!).

Have you ever made a survey for your blog? 


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