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If you want your website or blog to be found better in Google, it is important to increase your Domain Authority. In the previous Google Guide, I explained the terms Domain Authority and Page Authority. In today’s blog, I give a number of tips to improve your Domain Authority score!

Why do you need to improve your Domain Authority?

If you want to generate more visitors from Google or other search engines, it is smart to improve your Domain Authority score. There are a number of tips that I would like to share with you so that you can get started on improving your DA score.

What is Domain Authority?

Who are your competitors?

If you would like to improve your Domain Authority (DA) score, it is important to know who your competitors are. Make sure you compare your website with the right websites. If you find it difficult to identify who your competitors are, there is a handy tool that can help you! You can search for keywords in the free version of the Keyword Explorer from MoZ. In the results, you can look at the SERP analyzes (Search Engine Results Page).

First, see who scores on the keywords you entered and then view their websites. What is their niche and what is the quality of the content? Then you look at their DA. Is this higher than yours? Then it might be an interesting competitor to keep an eye on.

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Analyze and compare your links

There are various tools available to help you measure the value of your links. My favorite is the Link Explorer from MoZ. This measures quickly and free, how many links there are to your website. A bigger plus is that you can also see on which websites these links are and what the DA of that website is.

Just create great content!

If you want other people to link to your website or blog, it is important that the content on your website is worth sharing. If your content does not add anything or is not ‘shareable’, then the chance is much smaller that they will share your messages on their website. So make sure that the content on your website is great content!

Check the status of your top pages

Which blogs or pages are most read on your website? Via Google Analytics you can easily see which blogs have the most traffic. You can regard these blogs or pages as top content and chances are that they will also score high on Google. Check the rank of the article via the Keyword Explorer. Immediately check the article for quality and optimization.

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Promote your top pages and blogs

If you have analyzed what your top pages and / or blogs are, then it is important to promote them more often. For example, you could share it through Facebook, but you could also share it through Pinterest. Many bloggers underestimate that Pinterest is a great platform to share your blogs!


A good way to improve your Domain Authority score is to use link building. I often see tags, blog shops or link trains passing by, but this is not entirely the best way to improve your DA score. A link to your website is only worth something if the domain on which it is placed has a higher DA score than your website. In addition, it must actually be interesting content and be about something, then Google will find this article more interesting.

Improving your Domain Authority score really takes time! If you follow the tips above, you have already made serious steps. Be aware of your own DA score and keep an eye on this.

Are you working on increasing your DA score?

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