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Finally! I got it! I was thinking for a long time to buy a softbox. It is always super dark in my room (yes, even in Summer!) and I really needed some good lights in my room. I always edited my pictures so it didn't look like it was very dark in my room, but I did this at the cost of the quality of my pictures. That's the reason why I've bought a softbox. Curious to the softbox and what I think of it? Then check out this article.

Pictures with softbox

Don't get scared, but this is the picture without any lights like the softbox. Before I always used a flash, so the picture got brighter, but then you always saw the flash in the product. That's not pretty if you want to make beautiful product pictures of course.

With softbox

This is the picture with the softbox. Still, I need to find the right settings and how I need to put the softbox, but I am already satisfied with it. I mean, look at that difference! I always like it that I don't need to make any pictures close to the window anymore.


This is the picture when I totally edited it. I need to say, these lipsticks are very hard to make a picture of because the whole package reflects the light. Still, I am super happy with it! A beautiful picture with beautiful lippies. For the editing, I only changed the contrast and the brightness.

More pictures with the softbox

Below, I'm going to show you a couple of pictures I have made with the light. These pictures aren't edited.

My experience with the softbox

The softbox arrived at my house in two days. Super fast and I could immediately take pictures. Unfortunately, the box was ripped, so the tripod stuck out of the box. Fortunately, nothing was damaged. Setting up the softbox was pretty hard. You don't get any instructions so you need to figure out yourself how everything works. After half an hour, I fixed the lights and now I know how it works.



There are a lot of advantages to this product. It gives beautiful bright light, so you can improve your pictures a lot. Besides that, you can adjust the tripod and light easily so it is perfect for everything. Also, the light gets delivered with an extra cover, so you can make sure the light is not too strong. I don't use this cover, but this is very handy when you take pictures of persons.


Actually, there aren't many disadvantages to this light. The only disadvantage is that it is pretty hard to make a picture without any shadows. I think I just need to practice to avoid this.

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How does this product look like for you?

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