Instagram instead of Facebook | 5 reasons why!

A while ago I decided to focus more on Instagram. Facebook is so annoying lately and I just don’t receive anything good from Facebook. Are you hesitating on choosing Instagram instead of Facebook? Then read this blog.

Instagram instead of Facebook

Better interaction

I have a way better interaction on Instagram. Also, I think it is easier to get in touch with people on Facebook. I get around 200-300 likes and I get a lot of comments as well. I have met a lot of nice people on Instagram as well and on Facebook, that’s just not the case anymore.

Nicer people

I frequently get critics on Facebook. There are nice people of course, but some people just want to stay anonymous and that’s so annoying. On Instagram, that’s way less. I meet a lot of nice people there and I love to talk to other people.

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More Reach

I have a big reach on Instagram. Currently, I have around 5500 followers on Instagram and on Facebook 1550. Also, I reach around 10k people each month and this is way less on Facebook.

Instagram instead of Facebook

Nice collaborations

Lately, I notice that companies are very interested in my Instagram profile. I hate myself for not starting with Instagram earlier. Still, I have increased my following amount by 1000 followers on Instagram this month and I am super happy with that.

Nice design

I think it is way nicer to share pictures on Instagram than only boring messages on Facebook. It is way nicer to scroll through nice pictures instead of boring blog messages.


I think it is amazing to create the perfect feed on Instagram. On Facebook, I don’t really care if pictures fit with other pictures, but I care a lot about Instagram. It is so much fun to create your own perfect feed.

Are you going to use Instagram instead of Facebook?

Are you already using Instagram? If not, this is why you have to use Instagram instead of Facebook. Not only the theme, photos and inspiration are the reasons, but there are also some other reasons and tips and tricks. This is how you can boost, skyrocket your blog traffic. #BloggingAdvice #BloggingForBeginners #GrowYourBlog

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