Instagram is going to change again! + Tips & Tricks

A while ago, bloggers talked about the fact that a business profile is bad for your Instagram account. I never believed this, because I have never noticed this. Still, you will see that bloggers will turn their account into a business profile again and they will do that because of this simple reason. Instagram is going to change!

Instagram is going to change!

If you use Instagram for business, then you can finally schedule your pictures and publish them automatically. Publishing automatically was never available, well I thought it was never available. But did you know automatic posting to Instagram was always available on Preppr – Instagram scheduling? Plot twist. When I heard this, it literally blew me off my chair. I was always very annoyed that I couldn’t post automatically, but I have actually never searched for a good tool. It is a big relief that Instagram now lets us schedule our posts and publish these automatically. I mean, it is going to save us a lot of time.

Instagram is going to change

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There is also another update, called Business Discovery, where users can see profile information from other companies. Besides that, Instagram also came out with a feature called Mentions, where business profiles can see the messages they are tagged in. Especially the last update sounds pretty important to me. I thought I was already able to do this, but this is designed in a different way.

Instagram always wanted us to post pictures in real-time, but that is not the case anymore. Preppr, now offers, as one of the few, the opportunity to publish posts automatically, but did you know Preppr also has a very handy blog where you can find a lot of handy Instagram tips & tricks? For example, lately they have talked about Carousel Ads, The Power of Direct Messaging and of course the new Instagram features Instagram lately came out with. It is definitely worth it to take a look at this blog for some more handy Instagram tools.

Do you want to try Preppr? You can try Preppr 30 days free and you don’t have to sign up with your credit card details ;).  

Are you going to use the tool to automatic publish your posts? 

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