Instagram story highlight covers | DIY!

Instagram is a very important social media platform for bloggers. I’ve been using it for a while now and I really think it’s a great platform. I like to make a nice feed and also want my highlight covers to fit well with my feed. For this, I make my own Instagram story highlight covers. In this blog, you can read how I do this.

How do you make your Instagram story highlight covers?

Instagram story highlight covers are very easy to make. I make mine with Canva. A program where you can make pins, pictures, but also covers. Every season my feed changes and that’s why I change my covers every season as well.

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Instagram story highlight covers

First, you create a template on Canva. I myself used the size 540px x 960px. Then you choose a color on Canva that you want as a background. Then go to elements > icons and choose an icon. For example, I have a computer, where I place my Instagram stories related to blogging. As for last, you save the cover and then you have made a cover for your highlights.

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How do you upload these to Instagram and your highlights?

After making your cover, you need to get it on Instagram. To do this, first, place your covers in your Instagram stories. Then you go to your highlights and, if you have not already done so, create a number of topics for your highlights. I have fashion, beauty, blogging tips and goals. I’m probably going to add a bit more in the future.

If you have made these subjects, then you click on one of your highlights and add a story to your highlight. Next, you click on “edit cover” and add a story as a cover photo. It is very easy and now you have a nice looking feed!

Do you have your own Instagram story highlight covers already?

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