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Written by Celine Klooster

October 28, 2018

Everyone needs an SSL certificate, it is that simple. You will receive a higher ranking on Google, your website is a lot safer and it is just a big recommendation. If you have requested the certificate, then you need to install it of course. Curious how you can install an SSL certificate fast and easy? Then check out this guide!

Install an SSL certificate fast and easy

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS or Secure HTTP is a method to create a secure connection between the user’s browser and your server. This makes it more difficult for hackers to hack your server.

We share personal information with various websites every day, for example by buying something or just logging in somewhere. To protect this data, a secure connection must be made.

This secure connection is made with SSL and HTTPS. Each website receives a unique SSL certificate and this protects the users of your website.

Anyway, now you are probably wondering why you should have an SSL certificate.

Why do you need an SSL certificate?

In 2017, Google has said that they have the plan to give all websites with an SSL certificate a higher ranking. They did this to encourage you to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. This is the main reason why you have to switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

How do you get an SSL certificate?

You get an SSL certificate from your hosting. These can be free or paid. With my previous hosting, I had to deposit a lot of money for an SSL certificate and that is why I switched to another hosting. I am now at Bluehost and you get a free SSL certificate with your hosting for all your websites. I only pay 4.50 euros each month for an unlimited amount of websites and I also get a free SSL certificate with that! Definitely a recommendation!

How do you install an SSL certificate?

You can install a certificate fast and easy, but before you do this, I recommend making a backup. If you don’t do this, then you can loose everything if anything goes wrong.

Must read: How to: Making a backup of your blog


To easily install an SSL certificate, log in to DirectAdmin. Then click on your website and go to Advanced Features> SSL certificates. Then click on ‘request’.

It’s that simple, now it’s just a matter of waiting until your SSL certificate is installed. This took me a few minutes, but it can also take a bit longer. To check whether this SSL certificate is installed, refresh the page and under ‘status’ it should be stated that your SSL certificate expires on a certain date. I have set it to automatically renew and of course, I also requested the WildCard SSL certificate.

Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL is a plugin that ensures that your WordPress website is easily transferred from HTTP to HTTPS. After you have activated the plugin, go to settings > SSL. This plugin automatically detects your SSL certificate. So make sure you have completed the previous step well.

Deze plugin does a couple of things:

  • Checking the SSL certificate
  • Switching WordPress URLs from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Making redirects from HTTP to HTTPS

This plugin indicates that you can easily deactivate the plugin after you have used the plugin, but I don’t recommend this. I have the idea that the settings will then be put back again.

How can I check if I have installed everything right?

To check if your SSL certificate is installed well, then you just need to go to your website in your browser. I recommend doing this in Google Chrome, because this will show what is wrong if something is wrong.

SSL certificaat gemakkelijk installeren

Left above you can see if the connection is safe or not. If your connection isn’t safe, then you get the notification above.

SSL certificaat gemakkelijk installeren

If the website is properly secured, you will get the message that you can see above.

“Mixed Content error”

When I switched from HTTP to HTTPS I got the notification of “mixed content”, in other words, some parts of my website had things what linked to HTTP. You can solve this very easily. First, you install the plugin called Better Search Replace.

After you have installed the plugin you go to tools > Better Search Replace.

SSL certificaat gemakkelijk installeren

Under “Search for” type your website url with http. So for example At “Replace with” you type your website url with https. So for example In addition, you remove the check mark at “Run as dry run?”. You also select everything at select tables. You do this on a mac with cmd + a and for Windows with control + a.

If all goes well, this error is now solved. If this is not solved, then you have to figure out where it is. This can be for example your theme or a plugin. You can check this very simply by pressing your right mouse button on “inspect” in your browser (when you are on your website) and then look at the error (top right yellow exclamation mark). If it is a plugin or theme, then you unfortunately can not do anything about it yourself, but you should contact the creators or install another theme / other plugin.

It is that easy to install an SSL certificate!

What do I need to do when I have installed the SSL certificate?

After you have installed the SSL certificate, then you need to add the website to Google Search Console.

If you are on the website of Google Search Console, then you click on “add property”.

SSL certificaat gemakkelijk installeren

Next, you add the HTTPS version of your website. Don’t forget to add your website with or without www.

Besides that, you need to switch your website in Google Analytics. Left below, you go to admin > property setting and then you add the HTTPS website to “default URL”. Besides that, you go to view settings > Website’s URL. You also add the HTTPS version to this.

It can be fast and easy to install an SSL certificate. Did you succeed?


I am Celine. Enthusiastic, passionated, and a bit perfectionistic, but I especially love blogging. I love to share my blogging and social media tips and to help other people. Go to my about me page to get to know me.
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    Good and useful guide for bloggers. Many bloggers alway shy away from the technical part of blogging, installing ssl should be as easy as possible, and your post clearly provides a simple guide for everyone. Thanks for sharing.


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