Privacy Policy | How do you make that? (Fast and easy!)

As a blogger, you need to make a privacy policy. This has to happen before 1 May. Some bloggers don’t have much time and how can you actually make a policy? I give a couple of very handy tips to make a privacy policy fast and easy. With these tips, you will have your own privacy in five minutes!

What has to be in your privacy policy?

You need to put a lot of things in your policy. The privacy policy should include how you process the personal data and what you process. In addition, you must put all the special and sensitive personal data that you process in it. Let’s make it even harder. You also have to say for what purpose you process the personal data.

In addition, you must state whether you share personal data with third parties. For example, with companies. Do you use cookies? This must also be included.

It must also include how the data can be viewed, modified or deleted. Finally, you must also state in your privacy statement how you protect personal data.

Privacy Policy

How do you make a privacy Policy fast and easy?

It takes a century to make your own. You need a policy which is totally complete of course. Luckily, I have found a handy website for this. This website has a super handy policy generator, where you can make your policy easily. This saves a lot of time and then you know for sure your policy is complete. With this policy, you are a step closer to all the necessities you need to have to meet all the requisites of the privacy law. Do you want to see my policy? Then check out this page.

Reading tip: The new privacy law. What does this mean for you?

Have you already made a privacy policy?

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