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2018 has finally started and that's why I need some blog goals. I think it is very nice to look back at these goals at the end of the year and it is definitely a big recommendation to do that. Curious about my goals for 2018? Then read this blog.


This year I want to focus on Instagram more this year. Currently, I have 2700 followers and I really want to achieve the 6000 followers. This month, I have received 400 followers, so if that will happen the whole year then I will definitely achieve this goal.


Pinterest is still my favorite website. I get so many visitors from this website and I really love Pinterest. For this year I don't really have a goal for Pinterest, but I definitely hope I will get a lot of visitors from Pinterest.

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blog goals


Currently, I have around 1500 likes on Facebook. For 2018 I want to achieve 3000 followers. That's the double of my current amount of course and I don't know if that's a bit too much. I am just going to try it and I will definitely achieve it!


This year I won't focus on Twitter. I don't have a goal for Twitter. Twitter is just a website where I spent a lot of time on, but eventually, it didn't work out for my blog.

Blog goals

I want to achieve 8000 unique visitors this year. Currently, I receive around 5000-6000 unique visitors each month, so I will definitely achieve this goal! I really want some stable blog traffic and I hope I will achieve this in 2018.

What are your blog goals for this year? 

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