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Productivity is and always remains a thing. Sometimes you have good days or sometimes just really bad days… A while ago I struggled with this, but I finally found the perfect solution. I have collected my favorite productivity apps to boost your day. Curious about these apps? Then read this blog!

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Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps is a radio that plays music so you won’t be distracted. I am often distracted by sounds around me, but this is a thing of the past with this app. In addition, this music is only instrumental so you can get the most out of your routine.

View this app here.


Productivity Apps

Oh, I love Trello so much! It is an amazing app with which you can increase your productivity. With Trello you can create different boards, with which you can schedule your tasks. For example, I have a board for my blog, but also for my study. In these boards, I make lists like “study to do” and “low/high energy to do”. Every day, I schedule what I need to do and it actually works really good.

Want to read more about Trello? Then read this blog.

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Productivity apps like Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an app with which you can make to-do lists. What I like about Wunderlist is that it connects to your phone agenda, so you are constantly reminded to work on your to-do list. In addition, Wunderlist also sends you regular reminders.

The motivating thing about this app is that you can share your lists with your friends. This way, you motivate your friends and also yourself.

View this app here.


SelfControl, a productivity app

Really, you must own this app. This is an app for PC that allows you to block websites for a specific time. For example, if I have to work on something important, I will set this app for a specific time. This app blocks Netflix, all social media channels and a number of other websites for me. Very handy, especially if you are easily distracted.

The great thing about this app is that you really can’t get away from it. For example, you can restart your PC, but then you still can’t visit the blocked websites. (Only be careful that you don’t accidentally set the timer for like 12 hours, haha!).

View this app here.


Productivity Apps

To improve your productivity, it is important that you have free time to work on your tasks. This is the reason why I think Tailwind is an amazing app to download. Tailwind is a program to schedule your pins. Now you probably think.. Huh… Pinterest for a blogger? Yes!

My blog traffic consists of around 80% of traffic from Pinterest and that is partly due to  Tailwind. Tailwind pins around 50 pins every day for me. This way my account stays active, without I have to log in on Pinterest to pin those pins. I have so much more time because of Tailwind and that’s why I love Tailwind so much. Besides that, Tailwind makes sure that my pins get spread across different times so I can reach as many people as possible. Think about if I need to do this the whole day… That’s just impossible.

If you click on this link you can try out Tailwind for one month, totally free. Believe me, it’s worth it ;).

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Productivity apps like Focus keeper

Focus Keeper, a productivity app.

This productivity app uses a method called the Pomodoro technique. This is a technique with which you have to work for 25 minutes in a row, after which you then get a 5-minute break. After this break, you have to work 25 minutes again. This app works for the entire day, so you can easily work concentrated all day. In addition, you also get a longer break, so you don’t only get a break of only 5 minutes.

You can also set up the intervals yourself. For example, if you want to work for 25 minutes 5 times, with a 5-minute break in between each time, you can! It is really a great app and I recommend it to everyone.

View this app here.

Which productivity apps are your favorite?

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