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A while ago I’ve tried a couple of ways to promote my blog. I honestly thought that this didn’t help much and I didn’t try this out more. Still, I’ve looked at Google Analytics a couple of days ago and I saw that this way helped. So are you looking how you should be promoting your blog with Reddit? I explain that in this blog!

Promoting your blog with Reddit

I was searching for a subreddit for Dutch blogs, but this one doesn’t exist (yet!). I thought it was super easy to make a subreddit myself, but this wasn’t the case. I need to be signed up for three months and I need to get a certain amount of karma. Soon, I will make a subreddit for Dutch blogs and you will definitely hear more about this. It is pretty hard to earn karma. You need a huge amount of votes and some other things.

Promoting your blog with Reddit

What’s karma?

I think this is pretty hard. I have seen a lot of different videos, but I think I know it now. You receive karma when you post links and when you get a like. On Reddit, they call this ‘upvote’. You also get karma when you post comments. When you get an upvote on this comment, then you get karma as well. I only have three karma now and I have literally no idea why this isn’t raising. If someone has tips, then I would love to hear this.

For other blogs

Of course, there are also Reddit pages for other blogs. I have made a list of popular and nice Reddit pages. The most subreddits are for English blogs, but you can also promote your Dutch pages here. It is also really nice to talk to the different users of Reddit.

Promoting your blog with Reddit. How do you do that?

Pay attention, where and how you post links. In some subreddits, you see a post, where you can place comments with the links to your blog. In the subreddit of, for example, Beauty blogs, you can place a link yourself.

Also, pay attention that the Reddit community is pretty hard. As a starting Reddit user, it is pretty hard to find out how everything works. Sometimes I get downvotes out of nothing and then I don’t even know what I’ve done.

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What do I think of Reddit?

I think Reddit is really nice. For me, it is not about promoting, but more about the community itself. There are always people who are grumpy and never post a nice comment, but there are also a lot of nice people on Reddit. In the blog threads, you can read really handy things. I’ve got into a discussion about blogging and I learn a lot about this. Also, when you don’t have an English or multi-language blog, then you can still sign up for Reddit. You learn a lot and you meet a lot of nice people. It is also really nice to read the articles of other people.

Are you going to try promoting your blog with Reddit?

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