Scheduling hashtags in first comment | How to?

On Instagram, it is, of course, important to reach as many people as possible. For example, it is important to use hashtags, but of course, they aren’t beautiful. A solution for this is to place your Instagram hashtags in the first comment of your post, but if you like automatic publishing, then you still need to be online to get this done. This is why I explain in this article how scheduling Instagram hashtags in the first comment works. Curious how you can do that? Then read this blog!

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Schedule Instagram Hashtags in the first comment

Using hashtags for Instagram is really important. You will get more engagement, likes and you will grow your following when you use hashtags. But okay, they aren’t very pretty of course..

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Looking for a way to schedule your hashtags in your first comment for Instagram? Then this is the way to do that! This the way to get popular on Instagram for your lifestyle, photography, travel, beauty, fashion and for creative Instagrammers. Do you want to grow with your blog and to skyrocket your blog traffic? Then this is the way!  #Photography #bloggingtips

At the bottom of the description of your post, you can place five dots to make those hashtags disappear or you can make extra effort to place those hashtags in the first post of your Instagram post. Automatically publishing your posts makes no sense for this, since you have to be online to place those hashtags after the post is published.

Of course, everyone would prefer to schedule those hashtags as well since nobody really wants to be online to post those hashtags. I mean .. We have something better to do.

Well… To schedule your hashtags, Tailwind has created a new tool! No need to switch between Tailwind and Instagram, but instead of that you can simply add hashtags to the first comment of your post. Just by pressing one simple button! So now it is possible to hide your hashtags in your description and besides that, Tailwind gives you the possibility to spread your hashtags. Some in your description and some in your comments!

Hide hashtags in your description and place this in your first comment

Scheduling hashtags in first comment

This is, of course, the best way to hide your hashtags in your description. If you go the Tailwind (Mind the free trial!) then you will see a checkbox which moves the hashtags from your description to the first comment of your post.

With the hashtag finder choosing your hashtags is even easier, because you don’t need to come up with the right hashtags!

For you, on one row:

  • Upload your image to Tailwind and write a description.
  • After that, choose the most used hashtags of your list (Yes, this option is also from Tailwind!) or use the hashtag finder.
  • Check the box to move the hashtags to your first comment.
  • Then click on “add to queue” to schedule the post.

Now you never have to look at your Instagram post again!

Do you also want to use certain hashtags in your posts? With this feature, only the Instagram hashtags at the end of your post are placed in the first comment. For example, if you use hashtags in your description, you don’t have to worry that these hashtags will also be posted to the first comment. But that isn’t the case!

Scheduling your hashtags in your first comment is very easy with Tailwind. Do you already use Tailwind?

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