Tailwind Smartguide: Better results on Pinterest

Tailwind has launched a new tool, the Tailwind Smartguide. If you don’t know Tailwind yet: Tailwind is a very handy program where you can easily and quickly schedule your pins. In addition, this program gives all kinds of useful tips so you can reach more people, get more visitors to your website and ultimately also earn more income. The Smartguide is one of these tools. Curious about this tool and how you can use it? Then read this blog.

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Pinterest will change a lot this year, especially when it comes to the Pinterest algorithm. The strategies you are currently using may become obsolete, so you will eventually have to use new strategies and tools. Everyone naturally wants to get the most out of Pinterest and that is only possible if you follow all the changes.

Fortunately, Tailwind is always up-to-date with all the new changes and that’s why they launched a new tool so you can get everything out of your Pinterest journey. This tool is called the Tailwind Smartguide.

What is the Tailwind Smartguide?

Tailwind Smartguide

The Tailwind Smartguide is a tool to get the most out of Pinterest. For example, Pinterest has a number of ‘rules’ that you must adhere to. If you do not follow these rules, Pinterest will quickly see you as a spammer, so you will eventually reach fewer people.

The Smartguide keeps you informed of all new strategies and changes so that you can always get the best out of Pinterest.

The SmartGuide makes sure of the following things:

  1. Monitoring your Tailwind pin behavior so that you don’t pin too much or too little. If pin too much, your reach may decrease or you will be seen as a spammer.
  2. Find solutions to improve the performance of your Pinterest account.

In addition, the Smartguide will do the following:

Tailwind Smartguide

  1. Keep you informed of the latest Pinterest strategies.
  2. Gives recommendations on how to improve your Pinterest account, especially when it comes to the strategy you use.

If you schedule your pins, then Tailwind can give you two different badges. Firstly, you can receive the “All Clear” badge and this means that your strategies are all right and therefore you are pinning according to the Smartguide strategies. You can also receive the badge “Spam Safeguard” and this means that you have too many pins and you should adjust this.

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The Tailwind Smartguide recommends placing about 15-25 pins per day. They investigated this by looking at all accounts that Tailwind has and then seeing who reaches the most people and with what amount of pins. The 15-25 pin suggestion is about the total number of pins, including pins from any other pinners and of course your own pins.

Are you now thinking… Well, I really want to try that tool. Then you can easily sign up for Tailwind. By using this link you will get a $15 discount!

Have you already discovered the Tailwind Smartguide?

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