Tailwind tools to let your blog grow! (Handy!)

Pinterest is a tool where you can definitely grow your blog with. It is not like Facebook, where you have to promote every day to only get your article on someone’s timeline for one day. Pinterest works like a search engine and can make your pin go viral after a year. It can make your visitors grow a lot. With Tailwind you can schedule your pins for Pinterest. Curious about all the Tailwind tools? Then read this blog.

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Today, I am going to take you with me in my search through Tailwind. I just started with Tailwind and it is really a quest to learn everything about it. Below I have put all the handy tools of Tailwind in one row. I can learn a lot more!

Tailwind tools

This is the handiest tool from Tailwind. With this schedule, you can schedule your pins easily. I have used this schedule for two hours and already scheduled 1600 pins. I pin around 70 pins a day and with this schedule, I don’t have to do anything for it.

Tailwind tools

Board lists

Board lists are also super handy. I am in a big amount of group boards and then it just takes a long time when I have to click on all my group boards. With these board lists I only have to click once and then you have a list of your group board for the rest of your Tailwind career.

Monitor your domain

Under this tab, you have three tools. Insights, Organic Activity, and Referral traffic. With insights, you can see how many pins you pinned each month. Also, you can see the future impressions. This means that you can see how many pinners can see your pins. With organic activity, you can see your latest pins. I don’t think this is that special. With Referral traffic you can see how many visitors visit your blog via Pinterest each month. Also, you can see how much you have earned from Pinterest.

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Track your brand page

Under this tab, you have two different tools. Profile performance and Board insights. With profile performance, you can see how well your Pinterest profile performances. Think about your followers, your pins, repins and likes. With Board insights, you can see which board does the best and how other boards are performing.

Tailwind tools

Pin inspector

With this tool, you can see which pins do the best. Next, you can schedule your best pins or add it to a tribe. So, super handy! You can also see which pin layouts do the best.


Tribes are also super handy. These are actually kind of group board, but then on Tailwind. For every pin you share there, you have to share a pin from someone else. This way you definitely get repins on your pin. I have just made two tribes and they are completely free. You don’t even need a paid plan on Tailwind to join these Tribes. Sign up for *Pin your Blogs* for all general pins and sign up for Beauty bloggers tribe for all beauty bloggers.

Are you convinced of Tailwind? Then sign up for your free trial of 100 pins. You can also get 15$ off with this link on your Plus plan!

Are you convinced?

This post contains affiliate links. That means that I earn a commission at no cost to you. 

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