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Free. Do I hear free? Tailwind tribes are totally free and amazing to use. To use Tailwind Tribes, you need to have Pinterest of course. Pinterest is really amazing and you can increase your blog traffic a lot. Today I will explain to you how Tailwind tribes work and how you can increase your blog traffic with this.

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Tailwind tribes

Around 200 unique visitors a day from only Pinterest. Everyone wants that right? I need to admit that doesn’t happen to me every day, but it happened to me a couple of times, while I only use Tailwind tribes and Tailwind for around two months. I don’t have to be on Facebook all day to promote my blog posts and everything goes automatically. If I don’t have time, then I don’t have to worry about that nothing gets promoted. That is ideal when I go on holiday!

If you sign up for Tailwind tribes, then you need to repin one pin for every pin you place in the tribe. If you place a pin in this tribe, then you have a bigger chance to get your pin repinned.  In a Tailwind tribe, I have a reach of 520.000 people, because a lot of people repin my pins. You also get a lot of visitors from these Tailwind tribes. Every day I get around 40 unique visitors from these Tailwind tribes and most of the time more.

Own tribes

Of course, I also made my own tribes. *Pin your blogs*is for all bloggers and Beauty bloggers tribe is for all beauty bloggers. Besides that, I also made a tribe for Dutch bloggers, but that is not interesting for English bloggers ;).

Tailwind tribes

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If you use this link then you will get a $15 discount and that is actually a month free. If you are smart you first finish your free trial and then get a free month of Tailwind to test it. This is an affiliate link, so I get a little amount of Tailwind money.

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