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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Tailwind vs. Boardbooster. I promised you that I would write another article about this where I would explain Boardbooster more. Curious about the way to let your Pinterest account grow and also your blog? Then check out this article.

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In part 1 of this article, I explain all the advantages of Tailwind. Haven’t you read this article yet then read this article first.

Tailwind vs. Boardbooster

With this tool, you can schedule your tools. If I need to compare this with Tailwind, then I think this scheduling tool is just horrible. I wanted to show a screenshot of Boardbooster, but I can’t do this because I can’t even connect my Pinterest account with Boardbooster. Boardbooster doesn’t give me a very positive impression.

Tailwind vs. Boardbooster


Looping is only meant for big boards (what I don’t understand). It makes sure your old pins get a new life by getting repinned again to the same board. Next, the pin which does the best will be kept and the worst pin will be deleted.


I don’t really understand this tool if I am allowed to be honest. On the site, I can’t find any explanation, what is pretty stupid of course. If I really want to understand this tool, then I have to search google for the right explanation. If I understand it right, there are three different campaigns. The random campaign is just a campaign which pins your own pins to another board. Doesn’t sound so handy to me if you have different beauty and fashion boards for example. You also have the Pin Sourcing Campaign. This sounds very handy to me because you pin the most popular pins from other boards to your own board. This way you can grow more with Pinterest. At last, you have the scheduled campaign. If I understand it right then this is the same as the interval tool of Tailwind.

Pin mover: Tailwind vs. Boardbooster?

With this tool, you can move a lot of pins to another board. I don’t know where you would use this tool for, but it is pretty handy if you pin some pins to the wrong board. The first time you use this tool, it is free, but if you want to use the tool again then you have to pay for it, besides your subscription for Boardbooster.

Pin doctor

With this tool, you can analyze your pins if it has any broken links, double pins or other pins which can make your Pinterest profile worse. Very handy, but for this tool, you have to pay as well besides your subscription.

Group manager

This is just the same tool Tailwind has called “board lists”. With this tool, you can categorize your boards the easy way.

A while ago I concluded that Tailwind is more for me. It looks better, is easier, has more options and is way cheaper because I pin a lot.

Unfortunately, Boardbooster doesn’t exist anymore. So, you know have to switch to Tailwind. Want to read more about Tailwind? Then read these blogs.

Which program does attract your attention more? Board booster or Tailwind?

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