The new privacy law | What does this mean for you?

Written by Celine Klooster

February 25, 2018

The new privacy law is coming! Huh, what? In this new legislation, the consumer is in charge again of his personal data. Also, the consumer will become in charge of his e-mail address. Most blogs nowadays use a newsletter, but that has to change now.

What is GDPR and the new privacy law?

This is ‘The General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR). Resumed, this law is all about ‘the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.’

The readers of you have the right to see their own personal data, modify this data, exchange this data with other people, forget this data and to get this data.

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Actually, it means that the customer decides who can store and use his personal data. He therefore also determines which webshop or website may or may use his e-mail. Below the most important rules of the GDPR for e-mail marketing:

Always be able to unsubscribe

You must always be able to unsubscribe. This is already the case, so make sure you have a button under your newsletter with the option to unsubscribe.

Active Opt-In

The customer or reader has to actively indicate whether he/she wants to receive the newsletter. The opt-in checkbox cannot be checked in advance. I have the opt-in box already checked, so I have to change this before 25 May.

Altijd be able to view and change

Customers must also have the opportunity to always be able to view and change. Most mail programs already offer this option. I am using Mailchimp at the moment and it is already possible there.

the new privacy law

Privacy Policy

In your Privacy Policy, you put what you do with the information of your readers. I also have to make a Privacy Policy. This should include how you process your data, where you store them and what you do with it. It must also state what your contact details are.

Clear permission

What does your reader sign up for? You have to make sure that your readers clearly know where a reader sign up for.

You have until 25 May 2018 to make the changes you need to do.

Have you ever heard of the new privacy law?

Have you read the news articles about the new privacy law? This privacy law counts for a social media influencer, a blogger, companies and actually every medium. Even a student has to read this article about the new privacy law. #Blogging #Blogger


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