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Soon I want to organize a couple of giveaways. A giveaway is always super nice and interesting for your followers, but did you know you need to follow some rules when you organize a giveaway? You are not allowed to just organize a giveaway.

Rules for a giveaway

I didn't know that you needed to follow some rules for a long time. I just organized a giveaway and I didn't know you needed to follow some rules.


Did you know you need a license to organize a giveaway? Okay, just kidding (stress moment!). For small giveaways, you don't need a license. With this kind of giveaway, it needs to promote something. Think about the promotion of a company or just your own blog. With this giveaway, you need to choose the winner by a lottery or a chance. You are not allowed to choose a winner by the most beautiful picture or by the most beautiful song, but just by a lottery or a chance.

Rules for a giveaway

Small or big?

When you just organize a small giveaway, then you need to follow fewer rules. But what is big and what is small? This is different for everyone of course. The code of conduct says you have a big giveaway when you hand out a price of max 100.000 euros (Ohh, Celine, that's more than enough!). A small giveaway is a giveaway with a price of max 4500 euros. Then you don't have a limitation on how many prices you can hand out. You are obliged to pay a giveaway tax when the value of the product is more than 454 euros. This is 29% of the price.

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What do you have to organize?

There are a couple of things which are handy to mention in the article. It is important of course to say what your readers can win. It is also important to mention how many people can win and what rules you have. You also don't need to forget to mention when the giveaway ends (I forget this a lot!).

Rules for a giveaway

More rules..

You need to announce the results of a giveaway in three months after you have closed the giveaway. You also need to hand out the prices. This counts for the company and for the blogger. I read about a lot of bloggers who just keep the price for themselves and that's not allowed of course!


Last year, I organized a giveaway week and I've learned a lot about this. I thought it was a great idea to do everything myself, but when I needed to choose a winner, I figured out it was a lot of work. That's why it is handy to use Rafflecopter. With this, you can organize a giveaway with a super simple form and they also choose your winner automatic.

Did you already know about these rules for a giveaway and how do you organize a giveaway? 

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