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I blog bilingual for over two years and it is still my best decision ever. I get a lot of visitors from blogging bilingual and it is amazing to meet new people and companies, by blogging in English. Still, it is not that easy to blog in English. You need a special plugin for this and besides that, you need to change some things to your blog as well. In this blog post, I tell why WPML is the best plugin.

Bilingual blogging

I was blogging bilingually with qTranslate X for a long time. This is the plugin I started with. It is a free plugin but has a lot of disadvantages. You can’t set up your SEO with qTranslate X and that’s why you don’t get many visitors to the English version of your blog. I noticed this only a couple of weeks ago, while I was using this plugin for over two years.

Besides that, if you promote your website on Facebook, you can’t add a meta-tag to the Dutch or English version of your website, so the Dutch version of my website got a lot fewer visitors from Google as well. This is a big disadvantage of course. Besides that, the plugin hasn’t been updated for two years so your website can crash as well and we don’t want that of course. It is important that you pay attention if your plugins are up to date and if they aren’t old. Old plugins make it a lot easier to hack your website.

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But okay. What product do I use now? WPML is the plugin I came across when making my blog bilingual. This product costs money so I was very hesitating about buying this product and if I really needed this product. Still, this product made sure my website would rank higher in the search results and besides that, the plugin just works better. I have installed the plugin a couple of days ago and my visitors via Google have already doubled!

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In the next blog post, I will talk about which functions of WPML make WPML the best plugin. There are a couple of plugins you can find on the internet to make your blog bilingual, but WPML is really the best. In the next blog post, I will tell why.

Are you planning on blogging bilingually? 

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