Why WordPress? These are the reasons!

A few years ago I started my blog on Blogger. It was a free program and at that time I didn’t really have ambitions to really grow further with my blog. After a few months, however, I noticed that I already missed a number of things and I also received a lot of visitors and a lot of attention from different companies. Then I decided to improve my blog and I got the question in my head: Why WordPress? I will tell you about these reasons in this blog!

Why WordPress


My design was one of the reasons why I switched to WordPress. With Blogger I was very limited in my design and I wanted to do things with my design that were simply not possible with Blogger. For example, you had to design a lot on your own with HTML and it was just way too much work. WP also gives you the possibility to use various free and paid themes and this was also one of the reasons why I decided to switch from Blogger to WordPress.

WordPress is easy!

I think WordPress is so much easier than Blogger. With blogger, you need to design a lot yourself, while with WordPress you can install a theme with only one click.

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Are you looking for reasons to switch from Blogger to WordPress? In this article I will tell you about all the reasons for beginners to start a blog on WordPress. For example, think about the security, design, seo, plugins, website tips, template and more! In this article I will tell you how to use WordPress and what to do with it.

It saves time

This actually comes back a bit in the previous heading, but WP really saves you a lot of time. WordPress is so easy and there are just so many different plugins and themes that you can download to make it even easier for yourself .. Recommended!

Why WordPress > Plugins

Oh, how I love my plugins. Of course, you are not supposed to download an awful lot of plugins, because that simply makes your website very slow. Still, the WordPress plugins are really useful and I use a number of them.

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Ranking high on Google > SEO

WP ensures that your website is easy to find. The WP CMS is so focused on titles, pages, messages and categories and therefore your website can be found in Google very well. For example, Yoast SEO is a really big recommendation for SEO.

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Why WordPress > Many possibilities with WordPress

With WP you have so many more possibilities. For example, you can start a store with the WOO-commerce plugin. This plugin lets you start a free(!) store and that’s why I use this plugin as well. You can actually achieve pretty much everything with WP.

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WP is definitely a recommendation if you want to blog. Do you want to switch from Blogger to WordPress? Then definitely read this article. Are you thinking about starting a blog? Then this article might help you!

Do you already use WordPress or are you going to use it?

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