WPML functions | Which are the best?

A while ago I have switched to WPML. Still, one of the best choices I have ever made and I really don’t want to go back. Today I will tell you why I have switched to WPML and which WPML functions are the best. Why do you need to choose for WPML and not for another plugin? You read that in this blog.

WPML functions

Translation Management

With Translation Management you can set up a team of translators and assign them tasks and check the overall status of the site’s translation.

Menu translation

With this function, you can translate the menu of your website. This way you can make two different menu’s.

Menu sync

Menu sync allows to automatically generate menus in all languages, according to the menu in the default language and translated content. You only use this function when you first start using WPML or when you add a new language.

Translate pages created with page builders

With this function, you get the ability to design once with page builders and translate only the texts into other languages. This will save you a lot of time.

Translate site title and description

This function explains it all. This function gives you the ability to translate your site’s title and tagline for each language version.

Translate themes and plugins

This function also explains it all. With this function, you can translate your themes and plugins.

WooCommerce support

WPML supports WooCommerce. So, do you have a webshop and do you want to make that webshop in another language as well? Then WPML is really the plugin you need. This function is, like all functions I have talked about in this article, only available at WPML.

Integration with translation services

Do you use a translation service to translate your articles? Then you can send content to your preferred translation service and receive translations back conveniently. Besides that, you will get a notification when the translation is done.

Flexible language URLs

WPML functions

This function is also very important for your SEO. This function will arrange languages in completely separate domains, sub-domains, and folders. Besides that, WPML has an option called sticky links, so you will never have broken links anymore.

Quiet translation mode

This function sounds a bit odd maybe, but this function makes sure you can work on your translations, without your visitors can see these translations.

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SEO features (!)

This is the most important function and this is the reason why I have chosen WPML. This function makes sure your metadata and slugs get translated and that you have full control over that.

Thema compatibility

The plugin is compatible with every theme you use.

Plugins compatibility

Also, all plugins are compatible with WPML and people behind the scenes work on that every day.


The support is very handy for when you need help with WPML. The support is always ready for you.

I am talking about Dutch and English only, but WPML is available in a lot of languages. Every language you want to use is available with WPML. All functions I am talking about above are only available with WPML and you can’t find those functions with free translation plugins. This is the reason why WPML is really the best.

Which WPML functions do sound the best to you?

Do you want WPML as well? Then check out the website of WPML.

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