Tailwind: Your blog on auto-pilot and increase your traffic!

Who doesn’t want that? Promoting your blog automatic, without you have to do much for this. Just one hour promoting for the rest of the week or even the whole month. It sounds like a dream, but it is not a dream with Tailwind. Curious how this automatic pilot works? Then read further!

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Pinterest is an amazing social media website where you can get a lot of visitors from. It is a bit hard, but when you learn it, then you can get a gigantic stream of visitors to your blog. I am not going to explain exactly how Pinterest works and how you can get a lot of visitors from Pinterest because I have explained this in some other articles earlier. Read this and this article if you want to know more about Pinterest.


Pinterest costs a lot of time when you just do it manually. I did this for a long time. I got results, but I never could post pins for a long time. With Pinterest, you need to pin every single day, from yourself but also from others. When you know Pinterest a bit, then this just takes a super long time. For a long time, I didn’t want to invest in my blog. I made a normal amount of money from my blog, but I just didn’t want to spend this. When my colleague bloggers said I just need to invest in my blog to grow, I immediately started thinking of buying a schedule program. I decided to buy this program. I am so happy I did this.

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It is the perfect solution to be able to spend more time on your blog. You only have to spend one or two hours a week to schedule a lot of pins. I even was able to schedule 1600 pins in only two hours because of all the handy tools Tailwind has. I will talk about this next week in a new article. So aren’t you convinced yet? Then definitely take a look at my blog next week!

With this link, you will get 15$ discount on your plus plan for Tailwind. Tailwind also has a free trial from 100 pins so you can try it out!

Do you think it would be amazing to have your blog on auto-pilot? 

How to grow your blog with Tailwind | This post is for bloggers and small business owners looking to grow their blogs with Pinterest with the aid of a scheduling service, Tailwind. How to use this pinterest marketing tool to skyrocket, boost and increase your blog traffic. #blogging #blogtips #bloggingforbeginners

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