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Blogging Recommendations

Email list builder: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the program I use to send my newsletters to my blog readers. This goes totally automatically and I don’t have to do anything for it. Super handy of course, because now I can spend my time on other things, for example, my blog. Mailchimp is totally free and definitely a huge recommendation.

Pinterest schedulerTailwind

Tailwind is really amazing. I use it for over a year now and my blog traffic has grown a lot. It is definitely a recommendation if you want to grow your blog traffic. Tailwind offers a free trial so you can check it out. Besides that, if you click on this link, then you get a month totally free, without you having to pay anything. Also, you can use Tailwind to schedule your Instagram posts.

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WPML is definitely a big recommendation when you want to blog bilingual. Blogging bilingual really helped me blog visitors to triple and my blog traffic literally exploded. I definitely recommend blogging bilingually with WPML.

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More Recommendations

Instagram scheduler: Later

Later is definitely a big recommendation if you want to schedule your Instagram posts totally for free. You get the option to get a notification if you need to post an Instagram post or you can also auto-post your Instagram post. You definitely need to own Later if you want to up your Instagram game.

Grammar Checker: Grammarly

Grammarly is really a must-have when you blog in English. I blog bilingual for over two years and Grammarly is really my lifesaver from the beginning. You can use Grammarly for everything, even for school or your job!

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Affiliate program: ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the programs I use to get my affiliate links from. With this program, I earn money every month and it is just a little effort to get my affiliate links from here. This program is totally free and definitely a huge recommendation!

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Hosting: Bluehost

Bluehost is super cheap and definitely a big recommendation to buy. You want your websites to be in good hands and that’s why you should choose Bluehost. Cheap and the best in the world!

Freelancer tipGusto

Gusto is a program which you can keep up with your paychecks, payrolls and other freelance tools. It is definitely a big recommendation!  You can try Gusto totally free. Take a look at Gusto here.

Amazing e-courses: CreativeLive

CreativeLive is a website with a lot of e-courses. Also you can watch a lot of free lessons here! Take a look at the free lessons here. 

Graphics and more: Hungry Jpeg

Hungry Jpeg is a website full of different graphics and more. These graphics are super cheap and you even have graphics only $1! Take a look at Hungry Jpeg here.

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